Reasoning With Bitty McLean
"Reggae music is the soundtrack for me...You can learn everything from Reggae Music. It is a music that is probably the most conscious. Put aside Gospel music, there isn’t really any music that really has that spirituality to it more than Reggae, whether you’re a Rastafarian or not, the spirituality is within the music."

Agent Sasco aka Assassin - A Decade in Dancehall
 "I guess when you operate with a certain level of integrity, and you are not willing to do some of the things that get you the publicity, i.e. bleaching and freaking out, then maybe you don't get hyped."

Chan Dizzy - The Journey So Far

"Well I always try to keep my music as real as possible. I don't really go outside of the realms of things I don't know. I’m not gonna try and make up things so anything that I say is either something that happened to me or a friend or somebody I know."

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