Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Reggae Valentine's Showcase in London

Location: Hammersmith Apollo
Date: Sunday 15th February 2015

Tickets: £34+ excluding delivery fee (Tickets can be purchased via Ticketmaster.)

I have never been one to make a spectacle of Valentine’s Day, as I do not believe in waiting for one day out of the entire year to show someone how much I love and value them. However, if it means that more people will celebrate love, and carry out acts of kindness, it can hardly be a day to resent.

As we are all well aware, the celebration of Valentine’s Day often leads to an array of events, with a few star appearances being the norm around the city of London. Whilst I rarely make the most of such occurrences, I have had a change of mind this year, and have come to the conclusion that I just don’t want to be lonely.

Thankfully, I have been advised that the Big Ship will be sailing all the way to London on Sunday 15th February 2015, as the stepping razor tells us a little bit about the melody to his song, before sharing a Cheater’s Prayer with all of those lucky enough to be in attendance. As the headlining acts stand firm individually, this special night is set to provide a selection of some of the finest Reggae artists on the scene, and is simply way too beautiful to resist.

For those that did not manage to pick up on the clues above, the Reggae Valentine’s Showcase will be featuring the likes of Freddie McGregor, Christopher Martin, Romain Virgo, and Terry Linen, plus more supporting acts. Whether you will be spending the weekend alone, with friends and family, or with that special person, this show is bound to make it a Valentines weekend to remember.

For more information, check out the Reggae Valentine's Showcase website.

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