Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Clay - Back To Roots Volume 1 - Mixtape Review

Reggae music is very much alive, and this piece is dedicated to celebrating just that.  A few months back, I discovered a mixtape which has not only supplied me with great listening pleasure, but one that has also caused me to reflect. This mixtape entitled Back To Roots Volume 1 is brought to us by a very competent musician going by the name of Clay, and is one that you simply cannot afford to leave out of your music collection.

Already withholding an impressive list of musical accomplishments, some may say that the release of Clay’s debut mixtape was well overdue, but the most important thing is that it has arrived.  With this mixtape, I was initially lured in by Clay’s sweet and mellow vocals with his rendition of a classic Bob Marley hit. However as I continued to listen, the originality and uniqueness of this artist’s talent became more and more evident. With my only criticism of the mixtape being that it isn’t long enough, it would be safe to conclude that I am now a supporter of the Clay movement, and cannot wait to see what he has in store for us next. For now, check out the video to Trodding which you will find featured on the mixtape.

Having released a compilation of such quality as his debut mixtape, I can firmly say that his aspirations of becoming an icon within the music industry are very much within his capabilities, and we definitely look forward to more and more of Clay in 2014.

Download Back To Roots Volume 1 for free here.

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