Monday, 7 January 2013

General Gen's Tracks of the Year - 2012

Of course there are a number of tracks which I thoroughly enjoyed during the year of 2012. However, there are two tracks in particular that spring to mind when I am posed with the question; "What was your favourite track of 2012?"

First of all, I couldn't stick to just one track so I've had to go with two tracks that fit my personal specification of a 'perfect track.' Of course everyone has a different opinion on this but both of the following tracks are masterpieces in their own right and bring a sense of happiness to me whenever I listen them. Whilst the riddim of both tracks allow people to let go and have a good time, both tracks provide a real feel good factor alongside lyrics which actually cause one to reflect. Encouraging and promoting positivity whilst keeping the masses entertained is something that seems to be lacking in music at present but perhaps we will see a change in 2013. With that being said, I'll leave you with my two favourite tracks of 2012!

Busy Signal - Reggae Music Again

This next song is actually my Father's favourite track at the moment which would explain why I found one of my copies of the CD at his house a couple of weeks back! In a conversation that we had not long ago, he took great pleasure in telling me that the next track is one of the best tracks that he's heard in a very long time. In fact, he informed me of how he used to find himself subconsciously singing Popcaan tracks during his everyday routine but now finds himself singing "We need a change right now, we need a change right now..." So heavily influenced by my Father, this hit from Randy Valentine is the second of my two favourite tracks of 2012!

Randy Valentine - Bring Back The Love

Happy New Year to all & remember the motto; Peace, Love & Reggae Music xx

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