Sunday, 6 January 2013

General Gen's Mixtape Medley of 2012

So I've written a riddle compiling all of my favourite mixtapes which were released throughout the year of 2012! Whilst they do vary across a number of genres and all bring something different to the table, each mixtape has had some sort of effect on me as a person. Whether they have simply evoked emotion in me, or have affected my perception of the artists themselves, or have adapted my way of thinking, I would recommend ALL of them to you!

The first month of the year saw one of my interviewees Agent Sasco assassinate one of the best Dancehall riddims to date as he celebrated a decade in Dancehall. He did this by bringing back some real authentic Dancehall sounds with River Stone Buss Dem Head, whilst he begun introducing the World to Boardhouse recording artists Lady Ali and Scaacha. Then after a brilliant 2011, the only man she wants; Popcaan then came about with a YIY Change which saw him creep on a number of different riddims from a number of different genres.

Come March I was sailing souls with Jhene Aiko, but shortly after I was left wondering if I'd met this certain stranger before. Feeling a similar pain once Mr Popular had decided to change up the game, I decided that I also couldn't stand the rain in July. Something within then told me to listen to Daley who insisted that good things come to those who wait but I was left constantly worrying about how long I'd have to wait for us to be alone together. In the end I had to accept that time was spent and I had nothing left to give which left me with no choice other than to let love spread it's pretty wings...

As my journey through the year had begun to take a turn for the worse, I was rescued by Champion Squad who provided me with some hardcore healing and did their best to play for me through the ups and the downs. Wondering where to go to next, I happened to peer over to the left side of things where The Transporter had arrived to help me to reach my destination. As I continued to travel, I came across something quite contagious which brought back some classic memories that I didn't quite wish to leave behind. Speaking of  things which I had left behind, a certain Yardie returned with some Chinese Assassin DJ's and reloaded a few things!

Then in the midst of regaining my faith in God, I decided to let go and let God as I begun to go through some Psalms with Bugle. Keeping badmind out of my heart, and keeping negative out of my thoughts, I then found myself following Konshens' street code. Nonetheless, I still found time to bubble with Konshens and the Subkonshus family who really seemed to bring out the bad gal inside of me!

Having landed back on my two feet, the next part of my journey was solely focused in the UK. During this time, I continued to be educated on a few things, I learnt a few new skills, and I was eventually left in a rather reminiscent mood. So by the end of October, I had learnt how to Dance With Flames alongside Mr Adaggio, I had learnt a bit more about my history like M.R Soundz who educated me on Where I'm From, and I was encouraged to look back to the foundations and Bring Back The Love thanks to Randy Valentine!

If October was anything to go by, I should have known that the last stretch of the year would come with a bundle of surprises and gifts, and not surprisingly, it did. For that I had to be very Thankful to I-Octane who had recently teamed up with the London Boy; Chip to share their experiences of the star life. As the year of 2012 drew to a close, I was reminded of the Greatness of the Greatest by Bounty Killer and could only thank God for letting me see another year on Earth!

With that being said, I wonder what 2013 will throw into the mix for me...

All of the mixtapes incorporated above are as follows in case you missed them.

Agent Sasco aka Assassin - River Stone Buss Dem Head
Popcaan - YIY Change
Jhene Aiko - Sailing Souls
Daley - Those Who Wait
Champion Squad - 100% Hardcore Dubplates
Leftside - The Transporter Volume 1
So Contagious Entertainment - Contagious Classics
Stylo G - Call Mi A Yardie Reloaded by Chinese Assassin DJ's
Bugle - Psalms
Konshens - Street Code
Konshens - Gyal Kin Ketch A Fyah
Mr Adaggio - Dance WIth Flames Volume 1
Mr Rickstar - Where I'm From
Randy Valentine - Bring Back The Love
I-Octane - Thankful
Chip - London Boy
Bounty Killer - Greatness of the Greatest

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