Sunday, 23 December 2012

Randy Valentine - Poorman's Loving (Official Video)

This track is one of my personal favourites from Randy Valentine's debut mixtape 'Bring Back The Love' which has reached over a staggering 15,000 downloads since it's release on the 1st October 2012. If you have not obtained your copy yet, follow this link or visit and follow the R_V_lution!

Now although this is just one of a number of love songs featured on the mixtape, this was the first one that really captured my heart. In fact, it often leaves me wondering whether there is someone out there with some 'Poorman's Loving' for me...

Randy Valentine - Poorman's Loving

An Evening With Randy Valentine - 04/12/12

I’m sure that most people would agree with me in saying that Tuesday nights don’t tend to be the most eventful nights of the week. However, Tuesday 4th December 2012 was to be an exception to this rule as I found myself travelling down to Cotton’s Rhum Jungle Bar in Islington for a very special and exclusive industry event…

Having just returned from touring in Switzerland, the fast-rising Reggae sensation Randy Valentine was set to perform a select few tracks from his ground-breaking ‘Bring Back The Love’ mixtape to an intimate crowd. With free, exclusive Rum cocktails provided by Blackwell Rum on the night, it didn’t take long for the attendees to loosen up and absorb the warm and friendly atmosphere within the venue before Randy Valentine himself took to the stage.
From the moment that Commander B introduced him on to the stage, to the moment that he finished performing, the Hemp Higher and J.O.A.T artist who wishes he could sing his blues away laid down one of the best performances that I can vow to have ever witnessed. Lighting up the Rhum Jungle with his smile and singing straight from the soul, Randy Valentine brought a type of enjoyment that could be felt by all.
As the crowd sung along to the lyrics and rocked away to the foundation riddims, the effects of the debut mixtape ‘Bring Back The Love’ had already become rather evident from both the response of the crowd and the overall outcome of spectators on the night. Bringing back the love is almost a lifestyle and is exactly what Mr Randy Valentine did on the night! His real and genuine nature as an artist really seeped through in his performance as he sung us through aspects of his personal life through tracks such as ‘Brixton Market’ ‘Memory Lane’ and ‘Poorman’s Loving.’ It’s safe to say that I was already blown away by the mixtape itself, but I can assure you that the performance that I witnessed at this event most certainly sealed the deal.
If you haven’t already begun to follow the R_V_lution, then perhaps you should start here

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Peace, Love, & Reggae Music
General Gen xx

Stylo G - Press Up

Despite the fact that he has paid tribute to his father in a number of his tracks and freestyles, some of you may not know that Stylo G is the son of Dancehall legend Poison Chang. (R.I.P) 

Having been Stylo's main inspiration throughout his career, Stylo recently decided to do a cover of his Dad's original tune 'Press Up' as he continues the legacy.

Stylo G - Press Up
Produced by So Shifty

Weray Ent - Ching Chang Wallah Ft Skob, J.O.A.T, Tribal Magz, Vibe Squad & Gizmo (Official Video)

This UK Afrobeats cypher sees Weray Ent hook up with a number of artists to create something which is fresh, new, and bursting with energy. Now I don't know about you, but this one had me skanking from the moment that I pressed play.

What you know about #ChingChangWallah?

Weray Ent - Ching Chang Wallah Ft Skob, J.O.A.T, Tribal Magz, Vibe Squad & Gizmo

I Wouldn't Mind Him Fixing My Fan...

I must admit that I have been more than enjoying this video footage for quite a few weeks now. From this freestyle it is quite evident that the male in question has lyrics, rhythm, and a skill that goes a lot further than fixing a fan.

Whilst I thoroughly enjoy this every time that I watch it and it never fails to put a smile on my face, it feels like such a shame to see this man go back to this mere task of fixing a fan. I would personally be more than honoured to have a dubplate from this unnamed male so if anyone could sort that for me I'd greatly appreciate it. On a final note, dare I say it but he rides riddim better than some of these 'artists' that we have making music these days! I guess talent can't be bought after all.

Disclaimer: This video does not belong to me and I do not know any of the parties featured in the video.