Wednesday, 14 November 2012

One Night With Christopher Ellis - 01/09/2012

The Jazz Cafe stage may have been the last stage to be graced with the physical presence of King of Rocksteady; Alton Ellis, but on the 1st of September 2012 Alton's presence could be felt within the venue once again as Ghetto Youth's recording artist Christopher Ellis exhibited a show like no other. Before the show I stated that Christopher Ellis would not only make history on this night, but would tear the house down and as per usual, he did not fail to deliver! The 1st of September 2012 was the night which would bring us Christopher Ellis' first solo show in the UK, on Alton Ellis' birthday, and in the very last venue which Alton performed in. One could say that history was made before he even picked up the microphone...

Having sold out the venue, Christopher stepped out on to the Jazz Cafe stage to perform in front of a full house and laid down a superstar performance. It was a solid performance with a sentimental feel, a performance that took advantage of the intimate nature of the venue and really engaged the crowd, but most importantly a performance that will never be forgotten.

Serenading the crowd with his smooth and soulful vocals as he sung his way through his own catalog of  hits including favourites 'End of Time' and 'English,' Christopher had the crowd in awe. Always paying tribute to his father, Christopher went on to put his own flair on a number of tracks from Alton's extensive discography which saw him delve into 'Breaking Up' and a number of Lovers classics. Looking back on the tracks that were performed on the night which varied from the more thought provoking material such as 'Why Can't We', to the heavily sought after Alton material, to singing in Yard Style on Dancehall, I have come to the conclusion that there couldn't have been a soul that left Jazz Cafe feeling unsatisfied!

A number of surprises on the night came in the form of special guests from all over the World. International superstars Bay C from TOK, Gappy Ranks, and Julian Marley all joined Christopher Ellis on stage as they performed 'Don't Change Your Number' 'Knocking at My Door,' and my personal favourite 'Trench Town.' From the choice of special guests down to the music which he produces, it is clear to see that this is an artist that prides on quality over quantity and goes to all costs to maintain high levels of professionalism in his work.

I'm sure that everyone in attendance on the night will agree that it was an absolute pleasure to be a spectator of a show of that calibre, and to witness such a raw talent getting one step closer to taking over the World! From this show it has become even more apparent to me that Christopher Ellis is an original artist who isn't afraid to be different. Whether he is singing on a one-drop riddim or appearing as a guest on a show, you will always find this guy spreading nothing but love and positive vibes. Not only is he a true asset to the UK music scene, but also to the global Reggae scene because artists of his nature certainly don't come around every day. With that being said, I wouldn't limit this recording artist to just the Reggae scene because there's definitely a lot more to come from him!

As I leave you with some live footage from the night, which doesn't quite do it justice might I add, I hope that I don't have to wait too long until I can spend another night with Christopher Ellis...

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