Monday, 6 August 2012

Konshens - Gyal Kin Ketch A Fyah/Street Code Mixtapes

Konshens has been one of my favourite artists for a few years now and has recently begun to get the exposure that he truly deserves since releasing his most recent hits 'Do Sumn' 'Gal A Bubble' and 'Stop Sign' which have been causing a storm across the Globe.

With all eyes on him at present, he has released two mixtapes with a lot of new Konshens material alongside his most recent hits. On one hand, we have the first mixtape entitled Street Code which is almost a sense of guidance in the form of music which features global hit 'Do Sumn' and entails the concious vibes which we often associate with this artist.

On the other hand, the second mixtape 'Gyal Kin Ketch A Fyah' is very rude, raw and out of order, but nonetheless portrays the Dancehall sounds that we're very much accustomed to. This mixtape is once again brought to us by Kingston Allstars who brought us yet another Konshens mixtape some time ago. In terms of this particular mixtape, there is nothing more to say than 'Bounce da one yah fi di General bubble pon...'

Downloads can be accessed throughout this article or by clicking the following links; Street Code, Gyal Kin Ketch A Fyah.

Konshens - Stop Sign 

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