Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Skepta Does Afro Beats?

..."Ah wah di bloodclaart!"

Admittedly not being the biggest fan of Afro Beats, there are a few tracks from the genre that I will happily hold a vibe to for hours on end and this is one of them! The track is entitled 'Punch His Face' and sees Skepta putting his own unique touch on D'Banj - Oliver Twist. It's not everyday that you hear a UK artist going in on an Afro Beats classic so boy better know that this one is a straight download situation!

Skepta - Punch His Face

I then happen to come across Skepta dropping some Jamaican 'patois' in this next track and found the contrast quite interesting so I thought I'd drop it in. Also, don't forget to download his latest single 'Hold On' and follow Skepta on Twitter!

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