Monday, 14 November 2011

Lesson Time in Dancehallogy

Having started their musical journey as a collective over 20 years ago now, the iconic sound system Bass Odyssey have travelled to places all over the globe spreading the sounds of Reggae and Dancehall. Without a doubt they are one of the most sought-after sound systems in the World, and have most certainly earned their reputation by winning countless numbers of sound clashes with their unique style of juggling, and their catalog of dubplates.

Having been anticipating a Sound Clash in the UK for quite a while now, it's an understatement to say that I was elated when I heard their newly released mix, or shall I say lesson. Entitled Dancehallogy, this mix can only be described as the 'original Bass Odyssey juggling style of mostly dub plate specials in a unique hardcore party style.' Supporting artists from all over the World including the UK, Dancehallogy features the hottest tracks from 2011 so far including summer anthems such as Every Gal by Mavado and Chipmunk, Chan Dizzy's 'Strange Face' and Aidonia's 'Nuh Tek Chat.'

Despite selecting some of the biggest tracks from the year so far, their high level of expertise as a sound also sees them feature some of the baddest riddims to come out of the year so far. Being my personal favourites too, the mix features riddims such as ZJ Chrome's 'Contra Riddim,' Roach's 'Overproof Riddim' and TJ Records' 'World Boss Riddim.' Download the clean version here, or the raw version here.

I'll let the dub plates and the mix do the rest of the talking but I do hope that you enjoy your Dancehallogy lesson as much as I've enjoyed mine. I wish I got taught this subject in school...

R.I.P Kirk 'Squingy' Bennett (1972 - 2009) who was a highly valued and much loved selector in the Bass Odyssey sound. Whilst he may be gone, he will never be forgotten! 

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