Monday, 31 October 2011

Popcaan - Clean (Official Video)

Popcaan - Clean
Snapback Riddim produced by TJ Records
Video directed by Road Block Films

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hot Off The Press: Official Mavado Video

Mavado - Settle Down
Overproof Riddim
Directed by Steven Bernard
JA Productions

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Reggae Roast Presents Gappy Ranks Live

Having recently returned from performing in Australia, Gappy Ranks and friends will be performing with his live band in London tomorrow night before he jets off yet again to tour the US with Collie Budz!

This event will be taking place down at the Jazz Cafe in Camden, so why not come along and join Gappy and his friends, such as Christopher Ellis, performing a variety of tracks throughout the night.

The night is presented by Reggae Roast
who are known for having put on a series of sold out events at this particular venue, so there is no doubt that this one will also adhere to the trend. Gappy Ranks himself will be performing a catalog of his hits ranging from the hugely successful 'Heaven in Her Eyes,' to this Summer's smash hit 'Tun Up' which is featured on his most recent album 'Thanks & Praise.' Below is a video of Gappy Ranks performing live a couple of weeks ago in Australia...

To purchase tickets, you can click here.

Summary of the details
Venue: The Jazz Cafe
Date: 20/10/2011
Address: 5 Parkway, Camden Town, London, NW1 7PG
Cost: 12.50
Times: 19:00 - 01:00

Gappy Sundayz - 09/10/2011 - Champion Squad

Having attended the Gappy Sundayz Launch night a few weeks back, a few things were noticeable to me upon my arrival. Firstly and most importantly, the night seemed to be growing in numbers with more and more people realising that Gappy Sundayz is the only way to end their weekend! With enough attendees to fill the capacity of the dance floor and create a nice partying atmosphere, the night was ready to get into full swing...

Upon my actual entrance to the venue, resident DJ Bugzy Sound was building up a vibe, people were still arriving, and drinks were being ordered by the bar. In the atmosphere, a slight sense of excitement lingered and the anticipation of the set from the guest sound Champion Squad could be felt all around the premises. Even I found myself glancing at the clock to try and estimate when they were going to grace the decks!

Travelling all the way from Miami, Florida, Champion Sound made their debut in London at Gappy Sundayz on Sunday 9th October 2011! Being a memorable date for this reason, and the fact that the majority of the crowd, including myself, were unaware of their musical ability up until this date, this edition of Gappy Sundayz was one that was likely to stick to mind.

Playing Dancehall, Reggae, and Bashment, Champion Squad ensured that they left an everlasting memory in our heads and set the levels for the guest DJ’s scheduled to DJ at the event in the forthcoming weeks. Whilst exhibiting the quality of their music collection, they also took the time to remind us of who they were throughout their set by playing a series of dubplates. Not that we were going to forget who they were after the selection that they laid down on the night! Here is a clip taken live on the night to give you a little insight of the set which they delivered... (The video quality is not the best,  my apologies!)

If that wasn't enough for you, you can download the full set here!

Now from the look of things, the set was enjoyed by all including the CEO Gappy Ranks, and the duo from the night which was of course DJ Reem and Hypa Snypa who together form Champion Squad. I personally loved their set to the point that I didn’t want to vacate the venue and I had my cab driver outside waiting for me! On a final note, I have now vowed to keep up-to-date with the current activities of these guys, and listen to them on a regular basis. I look forward to their return to London and I deeply hope that they won’t keep me waiting too long!!!

Monday, 10 October 2011

In Remembrance of Alton Ellis

Today marks the third year since the passing of reggae legend Alton Nehemiah Ellis. Also commonly referred to as the 'Godfather of Rocksteady,' the Jamaican born musician's  influence in the world of music has been truly remarkable. Whilst his music is still recognised Worldwide by millions of people, he is still very much alive and lives on with us today. 

Below I have posted one of Alton Ellis' trademarking songs, accompanied by a quote from the man himself regarding both the track, and how the emergence of 'Rocksteady' actually came about. Whilst 'Get Steady - Rock Steady' was noticeably the first song to use the term "rocksteady," and illustrate the more laid-back tempo which later evolved into reggae, 'Girl I've Got A Date' was in fact the very first rocksteady song.
"I was off the scene for a while during the ska period and when I returned and joined the Treasure Isle studio, I came there with a different mood. The musicians picked up on that and we kept on going in that direction. The music became slower, which gave the bass player the time to play more notes. In 1965 I named it rocksteady. The first rocksteady song was 'Girl I've Got A Date'. That one was still a bit up-tempo, leaning towards ska. It turned the tide and made Treasure Isle the number one studio." - Alton Ellis

The pioneering reggae artist's catalog of music stretches over many years, featuring a number of artists and also entails a number of great hits on record labels such as Trojan, Treasure Isle and Studio One. The next track is one that I heard many a time on a Sunday morning whilst Mum and Dad were in the kitchen cooking. Holding many memories for myself and people all over the World, I simply could not resist...

This next video which I have chosen to include shows the late great Alton Ellis performing live at the Jazz Cafe in the very same year that he passed away showing that he still had it right up until his dying days.

Whilst Alton Ellis may be physically gone, his legacy certainly lives on! Here, his son Christopher Ellis does a tribute to his father, as well as a cover of the Alton Ellis classic 'Willow Tree.' Whilst paving the way for himself in his very own musical career, the talented recording artist clearly takes after his father and is a living memory of the late great Alton Ellis. 

R.I.P Alton Nehemiah Ellis xx

Monday, 3 October 2011

Gappy Sundayz Launch - Review

A plush venue, an intriguing line-up, and a wide selection of music throughout the night pretty much sums up my first experience of Gappy Sundayz! Presented by Hot Coffee Music and featuring different special guest DJ's from all over the World each week, Gappy Sundayz at NW Wine Bar is definitely the only place to be on a Sunday night.

Don't worry if you hadn't yet heard about this new night up until now, because it only begun last week on Sunday 25th September 2011. Although it has to be said that you haven't missed much, you've certainly missed enough! After travelling down to North West London to review the Launch of the event last week, here's my take on what occurred on the night...

Not quite knowing what to expect at the event, I ventured down to NW Wine Bar to find resident DJ's Bugzy Sound, Doopz Squad, and Ants International each taking it in turns to provide the musical entertainment. After initially wondering what sort of music would be played at the event, it wasn't long before my mind was set to rest. 

Upon entrance to the venue, Kelly Rowland - Motivation happened to be one of the very first songs that I heard, and I think it's safe to say that there is no shortage of versatility in the selection of music at this event. Whilst it is understandable that some people might have expected a night provided by Gappy Ranks to consist purely of Reggae, Dancehall and Bashment, this was certainly not the case!

The genres provided by the entertainers ranged from R&B and Hip Hop, to Reggae and Dancehall which coincidentally took us on a musical journey which stretched over the years. Reminiscing on Dancehall riddims that we don't hear everyday such as the Joyride riddim, Log On riddim etc, and then ending the night selecting tracks such as Ashanti - Foolish, the DJ's successfully fulfilled their purpose of catering for all types of music lovers on the night.

With a very warm and welcoming atmosphere inside of the venue, I would say that Gappy Sundayz is the perfect way to end your weekend, or on the other hand, to kick off your week! Perhaps not in the sense of feeling revitalised, but in the sense of living life to the fullest and enjoying each day as if it were your last. Ladies have no excuse whatsoever seeing as admission for them is free all night, whilst guys will only be charged a mere £5 on the door! With no obligation to buy tickets or be charged a substantial amount on the door, it can easily be a spontaneous decision for a nice night out each and every Sunday! Starting from 9pm and lasting up until 2am, why not come down and check it out for yourself!

The details are as follows...
What? Gappy Sundayz
Where? NW Wine Bar, 61 Warm Lane, London NW6 4QR (Next to Willesden Green Station)
When? Each and every Sunday
Why? "Everyting tun up!"