Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hot Off The Press: Stephen Marley ft Melanie Fiona Official Video

I have not gone one day without listening to this track since having ownloaded Stephen Marley's EP entitled 'Revelation Part 1 : The Root Of Life,' so I was most pleased to find that the official video was now available for viewing. For such a powerful track, I expected no less than an oasis of serenity, and this was certainly accomplished in this video. With the warm landscapes in the background throughout the video complimenting the soft and mellow tone of Stephen Marley's vocals alongside the sweet vocals of the beautiful songstress Melanie Fiona, I can only suggest that you sit down, relax and forget about all of your troubles as you enjoy this one. Even if it is just for the 3 minutes and 44 seconds which it lasts for!
Stephen Marley ft Melanie Fiona - No Cigarette Smoking (In My Room

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