Sunday, 25 September 2011

Bedroom Bully Mix by Gappy Ranks (Free Dungload)

Press play... (No P.Diddy!)

What you just heard was 'Cool Water' by Gappy Ranks which is Track 13 on the Bedroom Bully Mix CD and also happens to be my favourite track featured on the mix! Back in February you may recall me doing a review of the 'Dusty' Mix which was 100% Gappy Ranks and was presented by the one and only Moviestar Johnny. Since then, Hot Coffee Music have continued to give back to their supporters giving out a countless number of free tracks as well as the 'No Long Talking' mix CD from their artist Redd.

As if that wasn't enough freeness for you, Gappy Ranks has just provided us with yet another giveaway. This one is a mix entitled "Bedroom Bully - Gyalis Order, Volume One" and is 100% Gappy Ranks, Ladies Choice. Featuring the likes of Alison Hinds, Lisa Hype and Timber-Lee, there is no reason as to why this mix should be limited to the just the ladies because there is definitely something on there for the men too!

Despite one interlude that I'm not too keen on, this Mix CD is a must have for the collection. You can download the mix by clicking on the image of the front cover above, clicking here, or you can even request a hard copy here! Signing out with something that Gappy himself would say...
"Ah bedroom bully she call me!"

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