Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Hot Off The Press: Coldsteps Official Video

The majority of people will probably be most familiar with Coldsteps due to his simple yet effective hooks and punchlines such as 'Say No More' and 'I Will Be There.' Having launched his solo career a while back, Coldsteps has continued to work on building up his reputation as an artist. So rather than just being seen as a host and being spotted out and about on the club scene, he has now launched his debut video so that you can watch him from your computer and perhaps even TV screens. Still refusing to lose the original 'I Will' element of his hooks, this track is entitled 'I Will Never Love Again' and features Darren Martyn. This single is set to be released via Whoa Records very soon but for now, here is the video!

Coldsteps ft Darren Martyn - I Will Never Love Again
Produced by Darren Martyn
Directed by Mark Potter

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