Monday, 4 July 2011

KISS Presents UK House & Funky - Courtesy of Pioneer

Each weekend Kiss welcomes special guests into their studios to grace their decks, and showcase their talents. These guests hail from all over the world and all different aspects of life, whereby their love for music, and the genres which they specialise in unites them. This weekend on the 2nd July from 2- 4am DJ Pioneer was presenting the 2 hour special where he brought on a number of guests from the UK House and Funky scene. Pioneer's extensive knowledge of the scene saw the likes of LR Groove, DJ Trizzy, Fuzzy Logik, and the dynamic duo Weighty J & Coldsteps take to the Kiss studios to exhibit their skills!

With LR Groove, Fuzzy Logik, and DJ Trizzy being some of the best DJ/Producers within the scene, and Weighty J and Coldsteps being one of the most heavily sought after dynamic duos on the circuit at present, the listeners were in for a real treat. If you missed it, you can listen to it here on the Kiss Kube, but it will only be available here up until next Saturday so there's no time for procrastination! If you needed further reason to listen back to the show, here is a snippet of what the dynamic duo did in the Kiss studios in just 8 minutes...
...When you come to my 'ouse, just respect my 'ouse! Do excuse me as I continue to dance around and exercise my sour-faced skanks. Deservedly being labelled as one of the best dynamic duos in the scene, Weighty J and Coldsteps have shown consistency time and time again in building up a vibe, and as a result of this whenever they come around we know that it's straight shellings!

Now from the perspective of a House and Funky Junkie, this was an excellent representation of the UK House and Funky scene, as well as a perfectly executed Kiss Presents show from Pioneer and his guests. With the DJ/Producers selecting the finest UK House & Funky tracks, it was clear to see that high quality production is still taking place within the scene, but is unfortunately not getting as much attention as the stuff which is lacking in quality which we seem to get bombarded with these days. Following on from this, the presence of the dynamic duo showed the audience what they might witness during a House and Funky set on a night out, and how the presence of an experienced and talented MC/host like Coldsteps can add to the vibe. As Coldsteps says 'If you're not on this, leave it alone!' The entire show is also available for listening here and with a duration of just under 2 hours, it may very well be that House and Funky injection that you've been looking for!!! Also, for the tracklisting of all of the guest mixes, click here.

On a final note, I am also very pleased to be able to remind you that Pioneer now has his 2 hour show back which is scheduled to take place from 12-2am each and every Friday night starting this Friday, the 8th July. Make sure you lock in to Kiss 100 on your radio dial or online because I'm sure he'll be in a celebratory mood! I will tell you one thing for free...Friday nights will never be the same again!

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