Friday, 22 July 2011

House Entertainment present House @ Raduno, Emotions - Review

With my original plans to go to Silver Fox’s birthday bash having being cancelled, I was still very much in the mood to venture out but wasn’t quite decided on where my legs were going to take me. Offering a very enticing House line up was a night by House Entertainment entitled 'Emotions' set to take place in Raduno. Known for having a 24hr party license and hosting some of the best after parties on the underground scene, this event seemed like the hot spot. As if I needed persuading any further, the line-up consisted of La Petite, Sef Kombo and the Dynamic Duo Weighty J and Coldsteps, so you know that I was 100% attending after having seen those names on the line up!

Now if you are not familiar with House Entertainment, they are a movement doing very big things for the scene. Providing us with some of the best House street parties, House after parties and now all-dayers...They provide us with real House music events, at a reasonable price, and they do it very well!

Now on this night, LA Petite was the first DJ to grace the decks upstairs in the Red Room. Laying down a perfectly entertaining House set and even managing to tickle male insecurities at her selection of one particular track, she most definitely made her mark on the night. Stepping up after LA Petite, I can assure you that Sef Kombo’s pride was still intact as he brought that Afro House sound into the Red Room. Being the founder of Til Two and a very well respected House DJ travelling globally to exhibit his skills, Sef Kombo always delivers a quality House set and to be fair, his consistency simply cannot be questioned. Although the whole set was one to remember and can be downloaded here, the moment that he dropped that Bucie - Your Kiss vocal is one that sticks to mind. The whole room was lifted as the attendees sung along in unison and one thought crossed my mind...For the love of House!

With La Petite and Sef Kombo having already delivered their sets, there was only really one more set that I was waiting for and that was the set of the Dynamic Duo, Weighty J and Coldsteps. Regularly shutting down events with House and Funky, the dynamic duo did something that many people probably didn’t think that they could do and put down a strictly house set in Raduno’s Red Room. So you’re probably wondering if they pulled it off and without sounding too colloquial, I can assure you that it went off! Unlike the other sets, this one had a host which encouraged a bit more crowd interaction and one-liners such as ‘We just Say No More’ served their purpose. Finishing the hooks and even taking over Coldsteps’ voice at times, the vibes inside of the Red Room could be felt by everyone. Weighty J who is said to have 'secretly excelled in the music industry' being Scorcher's tour DJ, showed his diversity alongside his host Coldsteps and delivered nothing other than a purely House set. My favourite part of that set had to of been when Coldsteps begun to reel off the slightly remixed ‘When you come to my house’ hook. The occurrence of ‘When you come to my come to my...’ was almost like a signal for the sour faced skanks to come out, and once again, the crowd became heavily involved! The attendees were simply enjoying themselves, forgetting that they had work in a few hours like I did, and most importantly getting their house on! To download the Dynamic Duo's set simply click here.

Thanks to House Entertainment, Team Dudley, LA Petite, Sef Kombo, Weighty J and Coldsteps because that was definitely an after-party well worthy of my attendance and lack of sleep! All of the sets from the night can be downloaded here. Finally, this Saturday, for one night only, House Entertainment are doing it all over again down at Raduno! Click here for more information.

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