Monday, 18 July 2011

Gappy Ranks' 'Thanks & Praise' Album Launch

Tuesday night does not strike me as a night to venture out of the house and have a drink whilst catching some live entertainment, but this particular Tuesday was an exception. With Gappy Ranks' second album 'Thanks and Praise' scheduled to be hitting shelves worldwide on the Monday 4th July, the official launch party to celebrate this release was to be held on Tuesday 5th July at Sebastian’s Wine Bar in South London. Presented by Vibes Fm, the night was hosted by the likes of Courtney Melody and Commander B, but also included a host of special guest DJ's such as Allan Brando and of course the man of the night, Gappy Ranks.

Despite the fact that the rain was falling steadily that evening, a vast number of people made the effort to come out and show their support. The venue had already reached its maximum capacity by the time that I had arrived, and had many more people shown up, it would have most likely resulted in a street party in the rain! This night was the perfect opportunity to meet and greet Gappy Ranks himself, enjoy live performances of some of the tracks featured on the Thanks and Praise album as well as some of his most well known tracks, such as Stinking Rich and Heaven in Her Eyes. Most importantly for me, it gave the people a real insight into where Gappy Ranks is coming from in terms of his inspirations, and also the many struggles which he had to overcome before reaching global success. Below is a short clip from the night which includes his performance of his Reggae hit 'Heaven in Her Eyes.'

Collaborating with some of the biggest artists all over the globe such as Christopher Ellis, Delly Ranx, and Russian from Head Concussion Records, this album always seemed like nothing but a continuation of the hard work which he had put into his debut album 'Put the Stereo On.' With people already being acquainted with some of the tracks off of the album such as 'Tun Up' which has caused a storm in the music scene over the last few months, this album is destined for great worldwide success.

There were a number of artists and producers in attendance on the night to support Gappy Ranks but speaking of well known artists from all over the globe, I cannot fail to mention the artist who created the Dancehall anthem 'Wacky Dip' alongside Voicemail. If you don't yet know who I'm referring to, it could only be Ding Dong! Bringing his presence to South London's Sebastian’s, look at what occurred when he took to the microphone at the Thanks and Praise Album Launch Party.

With Ding Dong having explained the extent of the freeness which was provided on the night, there was absolutely nothing for the attendees to complain about. The night was one of extremely good value and a night not to have been missed! Where else can you go to see one of the most sought after artists of the moment perform live for free?! So on a final note; I would like to send some Thanks and Praise out to the people who made the night a great success. Firstly, thank you to Vibes Fm for putting on such a great night, thank you to all of the entertainers for providing the good vibes by laying down an exquisite selection of music, and thank you to Gappy Ranks and the Hot Coffee Music team because it could not have happened without you!

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