Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hot Off The Press: Beenie Man Official Video

Beenie Man - Lets Go
Produced by Roach
Directed by RD Studios

Friday, 22 July 2011

Free Dungload - Stinkin Rich by Gappy Ranks (Remix)

With 'Every Gyal' by Chipmunk and Movado looking set to be a Summer Anthem, Simple Simon remixed one of last Summer's anthems 'Stinkin Rich' on the Every Gyal riddim. Giving the summer smash by Gappy Ranks a new and simple twist, Stinkin Rich may very well do it all over again this year, but on a different riddim! Although I still love the original and rotate it all the time as if it were a new track, this one is definitely worth the download (dungload as Gappy would say) and could do some damage if mixed appropriately. In case you needed reminding of the original, check out the official video below and you can dungload the remix by clicking here.

Mr Adaggio is On One!

I've previously provided you with his debut mixtape M.I.T.O but since then he's still being keeping me well entertained. So with this track being a personal favourite, I felt that this cover definitely deserved an appearance on my blog! Don't forget to follow him on Twitter and keep updated with the UK's number one violinist!

House Entertainment present House @ Raduno, Emotions - Review

With my original plans to go to Silver Fox’s birthday bash having being cancelled, I was still very much in the mood to venture out but wasn’t quite decided on where my legs were going to take me. Offering a very enticing House line up was a night by House Entertainment entitled 'Emotions' set to take place in Raduno. Known for having a 24hr party license and hosting some of the best after parties on the underground scene, this event seemed like the hot spot. As if I needed persuading any further, the line-up consisted of La Petite, Sef Kombo and the Dynamic Duo Weighty J and Coldsteps, so you know that I was 100% attending after having seen those names on the line up!

Now if you are not familiar with House Entertainment, they are a movement doing very big things for the scene. Providing us with some of the best House street parties, House after parties and now all-dayers...They provide us with real House music events, at a reasonable price, and they do it very well!

Now on this night, LA Petite was the first DJ to grace the decks upstairs in the Red Room. Laying down a perfectly entertaining House set and even managing to tickle male insecurities at her selection of one particular track, she most definitely made her mark on the night. Stepping up after LA Petite, I can assure you that Sef Kombo’s pride was still intact as he brought that Afro House sound into the Red Room. Being the founder of Til Two and a very well respected House DJ travelling globally to exhibit his skills, Sef Kombo always delivers a quality House set and to be fair, his consistency simply cannot be questioned. Although the whole set was one to remember and can be downloaded here, the moment that he dropped that Bucie - Your Kiss vocal is one that sticks to mind. The whole room was lifted as the attendees sung along in unison and one thought crossed my mind...For the love of House!

With La Petite and Sef Kombo having already delivered their sets, there was only really one more set that I was waiting for and that was the set of the Dynamic Duo, Weighty J and Coldsteps. Regularly shutting down events with House and Funky, the dynamic duo did something that many people probably didn’t think that they could do and put down a strictly house set in Raduno’s Red Room. So you’re probably wondering if they pulled it off and without sounding too colloquial, I can assure you that it went off! Unlike the other sets, this one had a host which encouraged a bit more crowd interaction and one-liners such as ‘We just Say No More’ served their purpose. Finishing the hooks and even taking over Coldsteps’ voice at times, the vibes inside of the Red Room could be felt by everyone. Weighty J who is said to have 'secretly excelled in the music industry' being Scorcher's tour DJ, showed his diversity alongside his host Coldsteps and delivered nothing other than a purely House set. My favourite part of that set had to of been when Coldsteps begun to reel off the slightly remixed ‘When you come to my house’ hook. The occurrence of ‘When you come to my come to my...’ was almost like a signal for the sour faced skanks to come out, and once again, the crowd became heavily involved! The attendees were simply enjoying themselves, forgetting that they had work in a few hours like I did, and most importantly getting their house on! To download the Dynamic Duo's set simply click here.

Thanks to House Entertainment, Team Dudley, LA Petite, Sef Kombo, Weighty J and Coldsteps because that was definitely an after-party well worthy of my attendance and lack of sleep! All of the sets from the night can be downloaded here. Finally, this Saturday, for one night only, House Entertainment are doing it all over again down at Raduno! Click here for more information.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Gappy Ranks' 'Thanks & Praise' Album Launch

Tuesday night does not strike me as a night to venture out of the house and have a drink whilst catching some live entertainment, but this particular Tuesday was an exception. With Gappy Ranks' second album 'Thanks and Praise' scheduled to be hitting shelves worldwide on the Monday 4th July, the official launch party to celebrate this release was to be held on Tuesday 5th July at Sebastian’s Wine Bar in South London. Presented by Vibes Fm, the night was hosted by the likes of Courtney Melody and Commander B, but also included a host of special guest DJ's such as Allan Brando and of course the man of the night, Gappy Ranks.

Despite the fact that the rain was falling steadily that evening, a vast number of people made the effort to come out and show their support. The venue had already reached its maximum capacity by the time that I had arrived, and had many more people shown up, it would have most likely resulted in a street party in the rain! This night was the perfect opportunity to meet and greet Gappy Ranks himself, enjoy live performances of some of the tracks featured on the Thanks and Praise album as well as some of his most well known tracks, such as Stinking Rich and Heaven in Her Eyes. Most importantly for me, it gave the people a real insight into where Gappy Ranks is coming from in terms of his inspirations, and also the many struggles which he had to overcome before reaching global success. Below is a short clip from the night which includes his performance of his Reggae hit 'Heaven in Her Eyes.'

Collaborating with some of the biggest artists all over the globe such as Christopher Ellis, Delly Ranx, and Russian from Head Concussion Records, this album always seemed like nothing but a continuation of the hard work which he had put into his debut album 'Put the Stereo On.' With people already being acquainted with some of the tracks off of the album such as 'Tun Up' which has caused a storm in the music scene over the last few months, this album is destined for great worldwide success.

There were a number of artists and producers in attendance on the night to support Gappy Ranks but speaking of well known artists from all over the globe, I cannot fail to mention the artist who created the Dancehall anthem 'Wacky Dip' alongside Voicemail. If you don't yet know who I'm referring to, it could only be Ding Dong! Bringing his presence to South London's Sebastian’s, look at what occurred when he took to the microphone at the Thanks and Praise Album Launch Party.

With Ding Dong having explained the extent of the freeness which was provided on the night, there was absolutely nothing for the attendees to complain about. The night was one of extremely good value and a night not to have been missed! Where else can you go to see one of the most sought after artists of the moment perform live for free?! So on a final note; I would like to send some Thanks and Praise out to the people who made the night a great success. Firstly, thank you to Vibes Fm for putting on such a great night, thank you to all of the entertainers for providing the good vibes by laying down an exquisite selection of music, and thank you to Gappy Ranks and the Hot Coffee Music team because it could not have happened without you!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Love and Affection at Mustard Bar (Toddler's Birthday Bash) - 2nd July 2011 - Review

Once again providing us with a line up boasting profession and quality, the flyer for this event spoke for itself! Entertainers on the night read as Invasion Crew, Celebrity Supa, New Winner Roadshow, Chuckie, Love Connexion, Pure Vibes, Trackstars and Docta Cosmic with hosts MJ, Creeper and Coldsteps!

Taking over Mustard Bar for yet another instalment of the highly accredited Love and Affection, IC promotions were doing it again! Glancing around before the venue filled out I could see that everything was firmly under control, and that the only thing that was missing was the ravers who were anxiously awaiting entry. Not being particularly thirsty or in need of a drink, I realised that it was the only time throughout the entire night that I was going to get such easy access to the bar until approximately 4am when the dance was finished. Therefore I took that as the perfect opportunity to purchase myself a drink!

Undeniably being one of the most talented and renowned DJ's on the circuit, it was only right for Toddler to celebrate his birthday in true style. The Louis Vuitton Don stepped out looking neatly attired from head to toe and from the look of the attendees on the night, it seemed like he had ‘a trailer load ah gal like Shabba dem!’ The ratio of men to women inside Mustard Bar on the night was something which Love and Affection is often credited for (By males anyway!) It was mentioned to me by another female in attendance that ‘There was too many gal!’ and seeing as she had a valid point, perhaps I could take this moment to speak on behalf of the ladies and request a few more men next time! Speaking of males, let’s see how well the male entertainers delivered on the night...

Birthday Boy aka Toddler, the Louis Vuitton Don

Yes, I literally meant head to toe!


The warm up set consisted mainly of Hip Hop and RnB classics which served its purpose and warmed up the crowd, but nonetheless got a little bit boring after a while. New Winner Roadshow then stepped up kicking off their set with Drake - Show Me a Good Time and this was exactly what we were all hoping for!

Celebrity Supa
With the NWR set coming to a close, a vast number of the attendees were heavily anticipating the Reggae and Dancehall, so it was clear to see that the arrival of Love Connexion had come just at the right time. As X-Rated and Silver Fox (Love Connexion) took the decks and started laying down their selection, there was a sudden influx of ladies on the dance floor, and not surprisingly, most of the seating areas became vacant. Delivering a set with a rather reminiscent mood to it, Love Connexion had everyone singing in unison and swaying to the sound of sweet reggae music! Whilst we were getting our ‘Grandad skanks’ on as Silver Fox might say, Celebrity Supa was busy entertaining the crowd downstairs with some House and Funky.

In the majority of events these days, you will find that if they have two rooms of music, they will often have the House & Funky in one room, and then everything else in the other. Unlike these events, IC promotions usually ensure that they incorporate a House and Funky set into the main bar area upstairs, allowing those who like to enjoy the best of both to do so at ease. On the night, I also realised that IC promotions weren’t too stringent with the music policy downstairs, and seemed to trust their selected DJ’s to do as they felt necessary and simply entertain the crowd. For me, this seems to be the winning formula which makes Love and Affection stand apart from the rest, and remain the very successful brand which we know it as today.

Cosmic and Creeper building up a vibe!
Now looking back to the previous Love and Affection for MJ’s Birthday, the selected House and Funky DJ for the main upstairs bar was Kiss’ very own DJ Pioneer, but this time around it was Docta Cosmic alongside hosts Coldsteps and Creeper. Justifiably referring to himself as ‘Shutdown Wizard,’ Docta Cosmic delivered a House & Funky set which did just that. The mixing was tight; the crowd were full of energy, and certainly didn’t hesitate to interact. Reciting Coldsteps’ and Creeper’s hooks, whilst displaying some serious sour faced skanks, it was evident to see that the set was being appreciated. Not only was this a result of the mixing, but as hosts on the set, Coldsteps and Creeper have to be saluted for giving the music time to breathe, whilst still being able to deliver their hooks effectively.

Coldsteps and MJ

Coldsteps and myself

Having already heard a wide range of genres from a selection of DJ’s, the time had come for the main set from the Birthday Boy himself and his host MJ. Regularly invading the streets and attending around four bookings on the average Saturday night, Invasion Crew were exclusive to this night and were consequently limited to just the one set. Of course this one was of extra special value seeing as it was Toddler’s Birthday, so expectations were high. Never failing to meet these expectations, they selected the latest Bashment, alongside the Dancehall classics that we love, and of course it wouldn’t have been an Invasion set without dubplates!

Toddler and MJ (Invasion Crew)

Toddler and MJ in the mix

 After shelling down Mustard Bar with that selection, Invasion did something a little different and took us on a journey back to the days of Jungle. So with the time reading approximately 3.20am and Jungle having taken over the main room, I became intrigued to find out what was occurring downstairs. With each step that I conquered, the sound of Jungle became more minimal, as the sound of Soca became more and more prominent. I begun to wonder who was behind the decks because impressively, they weren’t selecting the most obvious Soca tracks, and the set was sounding astonishingly good! Of course, it could only have been Trackstars’ very own James fully entertaining the ladies and coming up with such a fine selection of Soca.

Dancing through the crowd to find myself a spot to really observe what was occurring downstairs, I couldn’t resist getting involved. The Caribbean side of me must have come out because before I knew it, I was joining the Soca train and waving my hands from left to right. Although there may not have been so many people downstairs, there is no denying that the Love and Affection vibe was present on both floors.

Overall, I can safely say that the people who attended Love and Affection on Saturday 2nd July for Toddler’s birthday thoroughly enjoyed their night. Whether they had paid £10 or £15 for their ticket, I guarantee that they felt that every last bit of it was worth it! Everyone had clearly come out to enjoy their night and be entertained by the best of the best. Behaving in their best manner throughout the duration of the night so there was no commotion at all, the only thing that could be witnessed was everyone showing love and affection!

As the night was drawing to a close, the Underground Champion Chuckie was there to do his job and deal with the situation. Previously informing MJ that he is aware of his job description and that he’s got everything under control, I was well and truly convinced of this by the time that he got just halfway through his set. Slowing the tempo right down and playing them rub-a-dub kind of slow jams, Chuckie ended the night perfectly and most probably left people wanting more than just their bed!

The Underground Champion Chuckie

Monday, 4 July 2011

KISS Presents UK House & Funky - Courtesy of Pioneer

Each weekend Kiss welcomes special guests into their studios to grace their decks, and showcase their talents. These guests hail from all over the world and all different aspects of life, whereby their love for music, and the genres which they specialise in unites them. This weekend on the 2nd July from 2- 4am DJ Pioneer was presenting the 2 hour special where he brought on a number of guests from the UK House and Funky scene. Pioneer's extensive knowledge of the scene saw the likes of LR Groove, DJ Trizzy, Fuzzy Logik, and the dynamic duo Weighty J & Coldsteps take to the Kiss studios to exhibit their skills!

With LR Groove, Fuzzy Logik, and DJ Trizzy being some of the best DJ/Producers within the scene, and Weighty J and Coldsteps being one of the most heavily sought after dynamic duos on the circuit at present, the listeners were in for a real treat. If you missed it, you can listen to it here on the Kiss Kube, but it will only be available here up until next Saturday so there's no time for procrastination! If you needed further reason to listen back to the show, here is a snippet of what the dynamic duo did in the Kiss studios in just 8 minutes...
...When you come to my 'ouse, just respect my 'ouse! Do excuse me as I continue to dance around and exercise my sour-faced skanks. Deservedly being labelled as one of the best dynamic duos in the scene, Weighty J and Coldsteps have shown consistency time and time again in building up a vibe, and as a result of this whenever they come around we know that it's straight shellings!

Now from the perspective of a House and Funky Junkie, this was an excellent representation of the UK House and Funky scene, as well as a perfectly executed Kiss Presents show from Pioneer and his guests. With the DJ/Producers selecting the finest UK House & Funky tracks, it was clear to see that high quality production is still taking place within the scene, but is unfortunately not getting as much attention as the stuff which is lacking in quality which we seem to get bombarded with these days. Following on from this, the presence of the dynamic duo showed the audience what they might witness during a House and Funky set on a night out, and how the presence of an experienced and talented MC/host like Coldsteps can add to the vibe. As Coldsteps says 'If you're not on this, leave it alone!' The entire show is also available for listening here and with a duration of just under 2 hours, it may very well be that House and Funky injection that you've been looking for!!! Also, for the tracklisting of all of the guest mixes, click here.

On a final note, I am also very pleased to be able to remind you that Pioneer now has his 2 hour show back which is scheduled to take place from 12-2am each and every Friday night starting this Friday, the 8th July. Make sure you lock in to Kiss 100 on your radio dial or online because I'm sure he'll be in a celebratory mood! I will tell you one thing for free...Friday nights will never be the same again!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Hot Off The Press : Vybz Kartel Official Video

We've seen the rough edit, we've heard the track, and now we have the official video! Summer time inna Portmore... 

Vybz Kartel - Summer Time 
Summertime Riddim - Adidjahiem Production