Monday, 6 June 2011

Street Parties are IN!

To be honest, I cannot recall the last time that I found myself at a street party! Despite the Royal wedding having occurred a few months back which saw a vast number of street parties take place, I couldn't quite manage to attend any of these after a very good night out down at Prestige. I figured that the street parties closer to home probably weren't worthy of being called 'Street parties,' and the ones that really interested me tended to be a bit further afield than I wished to travel on this particular day. Now from all of the videos and the feedback that I've seen and heard regarding street parties that have taken place recently, it would seem as though North and North West London are running the show...

Why am I saying this?

The footage which is to follow shows what occurred yesterday at a Street Party which was entitled ‘House on the Street 2’ and was held on Montenotte Road / Highgate Wood in North London. Now after having watched this video, I’m rather annoyed that I was working yesterday because what Carlos Aries and Coldsteps were doing in this clip was ‘taking the Michael’ to put it lightly. Not forgetting the vibe that was being created by Dezy on the bongos...It is rather evident to see that even the rain couldn’t stop this party!!!

Did you notice how they had a particular lady skanking like something had taken over her body?! For the love of HOUSE!!! So you see when House on the Street 3 is happening....GEN WILL BE THERE!

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