Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Monsta Man is On One!

Without a doubt, I'm On One is one of my favourite tracks of the moment and is also set to be one of this Summer's anthems. To replace a Dancehall track and become my ringtone, it really would have to be something special! It seems as though whenever DJ Khaled and Drake link up, the finishing product is always a banger and this track is certainly no exception. Now having already become very fond of the original track, when I heard that Giggs had done his very own freestyle on the instrumental, I was really intrigued to see what he could do with it. In true SN1 style as you would imagine, the Monsta Man spares no expense in this freestyle and to sum it up in just one sentence. Khaled gave him the track and the track got ruined! (If you're a Giggs supporter you will understand what I did there.)

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hot Off The Press : Mr Vegas Official Video

On this track, Mr Vegas has collaborated with the talented Teairra Mari and Gyptian on the Ital Stew Riddim, which is in fact one of my personal favourites from 2010. You are probably familiar with the track by now seeing as it has been around on the circuit for quite a while, and to accompany this we now also have the official video!

Mr Vegas ft Teairra Mari & Gyptian - Pum Pum Shorts
Ital Stew Riddim

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Wimbledon Day 3 - Talk of the Town, Venus Williams!

The Championships at Wimbledon is my favourite Tennis Tournament for a number of reasons, making the last week of June and the first week of July two weeks of the entire year that I really look forward to. Venus Williams returned to Centre Court today in an attempt to secure her place in the 3rd Round of the Ladies' Singles at Wimbledon. The match between herself and Kimiko Date-Krumm was absolutely phenomenal and I was glued to my screen. I even caught myself shouting at the screen at times as though she could hear me! In the end, Venus Williams defeated Kimiko Date-Krumm but it certainly wasn't easy...

Taking the match to the 3rd and final set, with the matches even reaching 6 - 6 at one point, it was a truly nail biting experience and had me on the edge of my seat so many times that I lost count. They both played some extraordinary tennis and the Centre Court commentators surely got their money's worth today! However, it is not only Venus' tennis that people have discussing lately, it's her attire on the court!

Journalists in the Daily Mail have made statements such as 'The white onesie was so short you could clearly see the golden hotpants she was wearing underneath every time she bent forwards during the match.' 'It had a curiously baggy, and very unflattering top-half, which made her chest look saggy as she ran around the court,' and finally they wrapped it all up stating that the cutaway design at the back of the outfit would have been 'more suited to black tie evening wear than to a sporting event.' I wonder what they would have to say if they were watching the match that I was watching yesterday...The lady was not even wearing hotpants and was literally bearing all each time that she bent over!

I also wonder what they thought about this...

Going back to Venus' outfit, I understand that not everyone is going to like everything, but I did not think it was a 'fashion disaster' as outlined above by the Daily Mail. Having read articles elsewhere, it seems that some people actually quite liked the one-piece which Venus is currently sporting in the SW19 championships.

Venus herself stated the following regarding the outfit...
It was a jumper. Jumpers are very now, as is lace. The shoulders have a lot of draping, which is also in the moment. It's just a trendy dress. It's fun. I'm really into zippers, so it has a focal point of a zipper in the front. And the back is a cut-out, or a peek-a-boo. It's just fun.
Now I personally do not see the problem with an individual adding some style, individuality and fun to the sport. I'm just starting to wonder if this is something which we are going to start seeing more and more players bringing in to their Tennis because quite frankly, I like it!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

BBC Radio 1Xtra Summer Soundclash Review

Saturday 18th June marked that time of the year when the annual 1Xtra Sound clash was set to return. This year, it all took place down at Troxy in East London where the reigning champions Ace and Vis set out to defend their title.

With that being said, the first clash of the night was in fact the clash of the Angry Birdz. Being 1xtra’s only two female DJ’s Sarah Jane Crawford and Gemma Cairney competed to see who the Angriest Bird on 1xtra really was! Their clash consisted of 3 rounds and despite both putting forth perfectly compatible tracks which were all equally appropriate to each specified round, it has to be said that Sarah Jane Crawford had that extra edge by compiling mini mixes and even dropping jingles in to her track selections. Overall, they both had the crowd interacting and definitely represented for the ladies!

Thanks to the ladies and the DJ who provided us with quite a versatile selection during the intervals, the crowd were well and truly ready for the main clash of the night. With Charlie Sloth and Vernon Kay leading the Yellow Team, Target leading the Red Team and the reigning champions Ace and Vis leading the Blue Team, we were in for a real treat. As MistaJam took over on the decks and Twin B, the host of the night, shone with his crystal microphone, it was evident that the main clash was ready to begin. Despite there being a number of rounds in the clash which were all equally very entertaining, for me there were two that really stood out...

The first one was of course the ‘Dirty Wine’ round! Within just three minutes, my eyes had seen more than they had bargained for when “the sexiest fat guy on the planet” took to the middle of stage and bared all! If you still don’t know who the “sexiest fat guy on the planet” is, check out the clip below from the night where he bares all and reveals himself...

The second round that really stood out for me was the Dubplate round where we saw who had the strongest phonebook in terms of artists. With performances from the amazing songstress Shola Ama, Sway, the widely accredited Roll Deep who sent the crowd wild, there are just too many to mention! However I would definitely say that the Blue Team seemed to have the strongest contacts on the night. Surely by bringing out Donaeo who performed a few of his club bangers, and finishing off their contribution to that round with none other than Boy Better Know, the Blue Team had that round in the bag! Being the only team who actually had their acts performing dubplates, they really did deserve to win that round because strictly speaking, they were the only team that stuck to the specifications of that particular round.

Now at times, it has to be said that the voting system seemed to be biased in favour of the Yellow Team. With the volume meter reaching the very top for the yellow team on one occasion, you cannot blame one for coming to this conclusion. Regardless of this, there is no time for excuses when it comes to a soundclash so the Yellow team did go on to take the title of BBC 1Xtra’s 2011 Summer Soundclash Champions! Although some may argue that they didn’t even deserve to make the final stages of the clash, and should have been eliminated instead of the Red Team, they did put forth some very strong tracks. The one that sticks to mind is Bob Marley’s ‘No Woman No Cry,’ which did damage inside of Troxy, and consequently meant that the tracks which the Red and Blue team had already put forth were almost irrelevant!

Overall, I had an amazing Saturday night down at the BBC Radio 1Xtra Summer Soundclash which was a well and truly priceless event. The performances on the night from the likes of Chipmunk, Roll Deep and Boy Better Know really topped it all off, and this is an event which I would definitely attend in the future! Remember that this was my take on the evening and whilst I have incorporated some of the clips from the BBC 1Xtra website, there is more information, photos and videos from the night on there!

Well Well Well...I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the best things in life are FREE!!!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Vybz Kartel is a Comedian!!!

So I was having a reasonably boring Monday night until I stumbled across this 'Vybz Kartel Speaks His Mind' series. He's talking di tings dem as you might say but at the same time, adding his own unique twist to it which is making it so much more entertaining.

Firstly discussing Visas and Taxes, here is Volume 2...

"Here I was all this time thinking they were Bill Gates...When they were not even Bill Fence!" What kind of joke is this that I an witnessing? WOW!

So if you thought that was something, check out Volume 3 below...Just the explanation of 'J.P.S' had me crying of laughter in this one. Speaking on behalf of 'ghetto people' and showing how people like to take advantage of situations, check out Volume 3 of 'Vybz Kartel Speaks His Mind' and join me in catching some jokes courtesy of Mr Palmer.

How could he say 'Jamaica Pussyhole Service?!' Let me just rewind and catch that joke again. From watching these videos, I will once again say that Kartel may be a lot of things, but you've got to rate him as being an entertainer!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hot Off The Press : Vybz Kartel Official Video

'Tattoo like dirt, mi nuh wear shirt,' is exactly how I would describe Vybz Kartel's attire in this video. Sporting his new hairstyle, new design of Clarks and his relatively new skin tone, Kartel is a man that never fails to cause controversy and funnily enough, I don't see that this is going to change for a while! Sending out the usual message that the Gaza Thugs are not phased by anyone, check out the new video below...

Produced by Adidjahiem / UIM Records
Directed by Wayne South
Vybz Kartel - Big Bad and Brave

Hot Off The Press : Pioneer ft Egypt Official Video

Within the first 10 seconds of watching the video, we can immediately see that it is one of high calibre! It's not in every video that you see someone emerging out of a black Mercedes SLK now is it? Stepping out in true class and shining throughout the video, Egypt plays the leading role and performs the very soulful yet upbeat track from herself and Pioneer. I must say that I am absolutely loving the silhouette dancing shots within the video, which once again emphasise both style and class. With all of this being said though, it is a shame that Pioneer chose to stay behind the scenes with this one but nonetheless, the video is one of high quality and fits in perfectly with the track!

Produced by Mo Ent - Pioneer ft Egypt - Stronger
Directed by Dan Tah

Monday, 6 June 2011

Street Parties are IN!

To be honest, I cannot recall the last time that I found myself at a street party! Despite the Royal wedding having occurred a few months back which saw a vast number of street parties take place, I couldn't quite manage to attend any of these after a very good night out down at Prestige. I figured that the street parties closer to home probably weren't worthy of being called 'Street parties,' and the ones that really interested me tended to be a bit further afield than I wished to travel on this particular day. Now from all of the videos and the feedback that I've seen and heard regarding street parties that have taken place recently, it would seem as though North and North West London are running the show...

Why am I saying this?

The footage which is to follow shows what occurred yesterday at a Street Party which was entitled ‘House on the Street 2’ and was held on Montenotte Road / Highgate Wood in North London. Now after having watched this video, I’m rather annoyed that I was working yesterday because what Carlos Aries and Coldsteps were doing in this clip was ‘taking the Michael’ to put it lightly. Not forgetting the vibe that was being created by Dezy on the bongos...It is rather evident to see that even the rain couldn’t stop this party!!!

Did you notice how they had a particular lady skanking like something had taken over her body?! For the love of HOUSE!!! So you see when House on the Street 3 is happening....GEN WILL BE THERE!