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Prestige Affair Event Review - Thursday 28th April 2011

Having only been out raving on the Thursday and Friday of the previous Bank Holiday weekend, I was determined to make up for lost time during the one which begun on the 28th April. With no work on the Friday and a number of raves being held on the Thursday night, there really was no reason for me to stay in. Especially not after seeing the line-up for Prestige scheduled to take place at Club Hidden, Vauxhall on Thursday 28th April!

As I peered down on the flyer, the names read as Pioneer, Jag One sound, Invasion Crew, Celebrity Supa, Weighty J and Coldsteps and I’d be here for a while if I continued to list them...The line up really did speak for itself!

Security on the night was nothing other than tight but polite. All security checks and procedures were put into place to ensure that the night ran smoothly and everyone was safe. As a consequence of this, I felt like I was in good hands from the moment that I stepped inside of the venue, up until the moment that I stepped out of it. With the safety aspect of things being covered, there wasn't much else to do other than to enjoy oneself.

The crowd were warmed up by Pac Man and DJ 2Four7 who played a nice selection of Old Skool RnB tracks, followed by some Old Skool Bashment. The Bashment segment was most definitely my time, and I can safely say that I was all geared up and ready for the night ahead after that set. Not only was I warmed up, but the majority of the attendees seemed to be on my wavelength and were also beginning to loosen up at this point. Coats were coming off, people were getting rounds of drinks in, and the headlining DJ's begun to touch the decks. Following this, Celebrity Supa and Pure Vibes graced the decks with their presence and delivered a very nice selection of House and Funky which went deeper into House than just one Black Coffee track. I can safely say that those sets got the seal of approval from yours truly, a real House and Funky Junkie!

With that phrase 'loosen up,' being brought into the situation, I think it's about time that I introduce you to the RnB and Bashment room! Upon the opening of Room 2, a vast majority of crowd transgressed from the main room and into this one. Equally equipped as the main room, room 2 entailed an elevated DJ booth, a fully stocked bar and enough ravers to fill the entire dance floor. When I decided to move into this room, Jag 1 Sound were starting their set and not surprisingly I wasn’t leaving the room until their set was over. Following Jag 1 Sound, Rocky Boss took to the decks and then finishing off in Room 2 was Invasion Crew. Playing the best in Ragga, Bashment and Dancehall, these 3 sets had Room 2 on lock! Switching up the vibes a little bit, Invasion Crew began their set with a bit of Jungle leaving Chalice Man on my right hand side skanking out heavily reliving some memories of the good times. Following this, they dropped a bit of Soca to add some versatility to the set, but they were always going to finish it with their speciality. Of course, they incorporated their infamous Bounty Killer dubs and finished both their set and the entire night in true style with an Invasion Crew dubplate. What other track could sum up the night any better than Stylo G’s latest anthem, Swagga Dem?! Yeh yeh yeh Swagga Dem!

If there was one thing that upset me about the night, it was the line up! Far from being a poor line up, it was the complete opposite whereby the quality of the DJ’s was upheld to such a high level that I had to begin to choose which room I wanted to be in for whose set! Some of the decisions were as follows... Tag Team champions Jag One Sound or Pure Vibes giving you more vibes? Pioneer and Spidey G coupled with Coldsteps (often summed up as shellings,) or Rocky Boss the BritJam boss? The dynamic duo Weighty J and Coldsteps, or Invasion 'Kill a Soundbwoy' Crew? Tell me that isn’t STRESS?!

On a final note, if you came down to Prestige to party in a well facilitated venue, to party with real ravers who just want to go out and have a good time, and to hear some good quality mixes from the finest selectors in the circuit right now, you most certainly got what you were looking for! It was a prestigious affair and I’m a firm believer that credit should be given where due so here is a well deserved ‘Thank You’ going out to all of the DJ’s who delivered on the night, and of course the promoters who made this night happen who are Buttersbwoy PR, Jag 1 Entertainment, F.R Promotions & Double XL! Not forgetting all of the ravers of prestige that came down to Hidden, stayed in good spirits throughout the night and into the early hours of the morning, simply enjoying their night!

P.S. I heard there was a Payback Party on Saturday 28th May at Firefly...

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