Wednesday, 11 May 2011

No Long Talking (Official Hot Coffee Music Mix CD) by Redd Man Review

Signed to independent record label Hot Coffee Music, Redd Man has been working consistently and regularly collaborating with a variety of different artists including his CEO Gappy Ranks. With his distinctive voice and hard work ethic, he is an artist which I personally have a lot of respect for and have been keeping my eye on as of late. With new tracks coming out every month, appearances on a number of radio shows and regular studio time, the grind of this artist simply cannot be questioned.

 As a result of all of this hard work, he has just released his brand new official mix CD entitled 'No Long Talking' which exhibits both his musical talent and his versatility. If I was asked to comment on the mix, the first thing that I'd probably say would be...

I say Hot Coffee Music...which is a line that I've somehow managed to implement into my day-to-day vocabulary as though I'm part of the Hot Coffee team. The catchy lyric comes from one of my personal favourite Reddman tracks entitled 'Bottle of Hennessey' which is featured on the mix. Now I can't assure that you'll love it, but I can tell you that it gets me ready for a Hot Coffee Music party! So in regards to the 4th July 2011 down at Tudor Rose for Gappy's Birthday Bash 'More Champagne More Glasses,' I can imagine the levels! Whilst I'm on the topic of catchy lyrics and riddims, I have to mention 'Talk of the Town.' The riddim is the first thing which caught me, and then when I had listened to the lyrics and the way that Reddman's vocals were blending in with the riddim, I was taken in! The lyric "Well if a gal nah wash and cook mi nah waan dem/Nuh know 'bout Mountain Peak inna Harlesden" alone deserves an automatic reload in my opinion! Then towards the end of the mix you'll find a track entitled 'Dun Out' which reminded me of a typical Vybz Kartel collaboration with one of the ladies from the Gaza camp, but in this instance it is of course Redmann alongside a female vocalist. Do excuse my poor standard of English here but it has to be said that the track is baaaaaaad!!!

Finally, the quality and precision of this mixtape is very high and sets standards for other artists in this scene. It has to be said that whilst listening to it in my household, my Mum was even requesting pull ups! Hailing from NW London, Redd Man is currently doing big things for the UK Dancehall scene so do keep yourself updated on his movements by following him on Twitter and signing up to his YouTube account where he regularly uploads new material. To download the mixtape entitled 'No Long Talking,' simply click here or on the image above. So kick back, relax, and remember that there's No Long Talking in 2011!

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