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Love and Affection at Mustard Bar (MJ's Birthday Bash) - 20th May 2011 - Review

You know when you go out in a good mood and as you arrive at the venue, the bouncer just upsets you? Well that certainly wasn't the outcome of my Friday night! Despite the fact that many people tend to moan about Mustard Bar bouncers in particular, I found them rather pleasant and even found myself sharing a couple of jokes with them! They were courteous, well mannered and were clearly the opposite of what I was expecting. Anyway, enough about the bouncers...

After hearing the Love and Affection promotion CD for the night, and analysing the flyer over and over again, I was heavily anticipating Friday 20th May! Now this is a very rare occasion because it's not often that I find myself presented with a line up of such expertise and quality. So upon glancing my eyes over the flyer time and time again, it became more and more apparent to me that I needed to be present in two rooms at once!

The real entertainers of the night were the DJ's and Hosts who each managed to deliver their own unique sets, whilst continuously entertaining the crowd. Shafty was one of the first DJ's to touch the decks and finishing off with one of my personal favourites Yellowtail, he set the scene for New Winner Roadshow. Now I guess the clue's in the name but I can assure you that they stepped up to the decks and took control in true NWR style. It sure wasn't a New Winner Roadshow party but they did their thing!

Although I only managed to venture downstairs to the second room for approximately 2 minutes, the DJ’s and hosts down there appeared to have everything under control. The Love and Affection vibe down there was being maintained nicely by the likes of Celebrity Supa, Pure Vibes Entertainment and a few other DJ’s on rotation. Don’t be fooled though, the music that was being selected downstairs at that precise time was Dancehall and I’ll let you figure out the rest!

One half of Love Connexion and MJ

Seeing as the event was called 'Love and Affection,' I knew that there had to be some sort of Love Connexion and I won't even try to deny the fact that I was waiting for that particular set. What can I say?! The promotion CD did sweet me yuh see! (Yes I did have to get my bit of Jamaican lingo in there.) On the night, Love Connexion laid down some of the finest Reggae and Old Skool Dancehall that I've heard in a club night and if I'm totally honest, I really did not want them to part from those decks. When they started to let off some pieces from the Showtime riddim, di place shell dung as Gappy would say. In the words of Sanchez, Love Connexion most definitely had all of the attendees 'living up' during that set and we all seemed to love it.

Stepping up after Love Connexion and bringing some House & Funky vibes in to the main room was the one and only DJ Pioneer. Hosted by Creeper from the MyIsh family, Pioneer and Creeper were *creeper voice* taking over! The special Movado dubplate which he chose to end the set with was a personal request from the birthday boy himself MJ, and set the scene perfectly for some Invasion Crew dubplate pressure...

Champagne Shower for the Birthday Boy!

After being showered with 3 bottles of Champagne, the Birthday boy MJ was definitely putting a whole new meaning to the term ‘wavey!’ Now we all know what time it is when MJ links up with Toddler to form the infamous Invasion Crew, and seeing as we were all there to celebrate MJ's birthday, this set was surely going to be an extra special one! The spontaneity of the set which they delivered, the constant support of UK Dancehall artists, and the way in which they incorporated new tracks such as Chan Dizzy - Hello Badmind made the set and the entire night an exceptional one, never to be forgotten! With authentic mixes from Toddler, exclusive tracks from Hot Coffee Music, and dubplate after dubplate, the high level of professionalism exerted by these guys makes it rather difficult to fault them.

Toddler, Chuckie, MJ

Invasion Crew!!!

I'm personally a firm believer that credit should be given where due so let us not forget that Toddler, MJ and A Star (collectively IC promotions) worked very hard behind the scenes to make Love and Affection a success. Tickets sold out, people came out in their masses to celebrate MJ’s birthday, the ladies were looking sexy and stylish, and the majority of men came out suited and booted! The way I see it, Invasion Crew are one of the leading sounds in the UK and time and time again they have shown consistency in their events, their sets, their mixes and in their attitude. For these reasons, they shall continually have my support, my ears and my presence at their events. With all of that being said, I guess you’ll be meeting me by the bar at the next Love and Affection unless you wish to miss out again!

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