Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sunday Night Live Review - Sunday 3rd April

I had been meaning to go down to this particular bar/club in Clapham for a while, but I couldn't quite justify my reason for going. Despite the fact that it was awarded Best New Bar at the London Club & Bar Awards, this still wasn't enough to entice me to attend.

Then through a trusted source, I heard about this new Sunday Night down at Aquum. After enquiring about the night I was informed that the event was called 'Sunday Night Live' and that admission was free before 9pm. Well as if I needed persuading any further...

With it being Mothers Day and me finding myself at work all day, I thought I'd treat my Mother to a Sunday night drink. Not being a particular fan of live music myself, I thought I may as well give this event a try. They do say 'Don't knock it until you've tried' after all.

So upon arrival at the venue it was only partially full, but I gave it a chance seeing as it was still quite early. The clock was stating that it had just passed 9pm. My very first impressions were that the bouncers were very polite and courteous whilst remaining strict and doing their job properly. The bar upheld and even managed to exceed my standards, and perhaps most importantly, so did the entire event by the end of the night. With the venue filling up not too long after this, all of the tables, the seating and even the dance floor was occupied by men and women ready to enjoy the performances that were about to unfold in front of their eyes.

The acts on the night were Roo Savill, Natalie Palmer, Elle James, Bobii Lewis, David Palmer, Joe Chiari, Holly Petrie and Nicol Zelinska. Each bringing their own character and unique vocal talent to the stage, they had the crowd interacting and fully entertained throughout the night. To be quite honest, I had no idea who these artists were at the start of the night, but I can assure you that by the end of the night I certainly wasn't going to forget who some of them were.

My personal favourite performance of the night came from a young aspiring artist going by the name of Bobii Lewis who ,to my recollection, sung Musiq Soulchild - So Beautiful as well as Drake - Fall For Your Type. When I saw his mixtape flyer on my table prior to his performance I simply moved it to the side. However, after his rather breathtaking performance I was moving all of the drinks on my table and searching for that very same flyer!

Quickly becoming the hotspot for finding out about fresh, new and upcoming talent, Sunday Night Live brings you the following every single Sunday.

A new line up featuring a number of UK artists waiting to be discovered by you, DJ's carefully selecting the best music from a range of different genres to uphold the party vibes, and some very entertaining hosts to maintain the flow of the evening. So as you can imagine, this is one not to be missed. To sum up the night up in just one sentence...

Sunday Night Live is the place where a chilled out atmosphere meets the perfect party, to complete and extend your weekend in true style!

Written by Gen

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