Monday, 25 April 2011

Mr Adaggio - M.I.T.O Mixtape Review

When I was informed about this mixtape I questioned whether I'd actually enjoy it. The thought of someone playing a violin for an entire mixtape did not really entice me to listen but on second thoughts, I was reminded that I do actually really like instrumentals! In fact, some of my personal favourite tracks that have come out of the House and Funky scene are instrumentals. Without just thinking about House and Funky, I also enjoy listening to Dancehall, Bashment and Reggae instrumentals. So after acknowledging how much I actually do rate and enjoy instrumentals, this mixtape by Mr Adaggio was beginning to appeal to me a lot more than it initially did. As a consequence of this, I decided to give it a listen...

Upon listening to the mixtape I was left speechless. I wasn't expecting that at all. This mixtape is truly amazing!!! Regardless as to whether or not you like instrumentals, please give this one a chance because I'm so glad that I did. I personally did not think that I would ever enjoy listening to someone playing a Violin alongside instrumentals but it was done with such skill and talent that I really cannot fault it. In fact, rather than referring to the mixtape as an individual playing a violin, I'm now going to refer to Mr Adaggio's work as an individual expressing their talent and creativity through the use of a Violin to add a different feel to instrumentals and emphasise just how beautiful music can be, even with the absence of vocals.

The diversity of the tracks which are provided on this mixtape is also a very significant factor because it shows how Mr Adaggio can adapt to the different genres and work with different kinds of sounds, whilst still making them sound so good and unique to one another. 'Come With Me' 'Menace' and the cover of 'Go' are my personal favourites on the mixtape and before I have even completed this blog, these three particular tracks have had over 10 reloads from me! This however is in no way a suggestion that the mixtape lacks quality in any areas, but is just an expression of my personal opinion.

I can honestly say that after listening to this M.I.T.O mixtape, Mr Adaggio has earned himself a new follower! I also now understand why he is renowned for being the UK's Number One Violinist, the music speaks for itself. He will be releasing it at 9pm this evening on his Twitter which is @MrAdaggio1 so stay locked!

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