Sunday, 24 April 2011

Hardhouse Banton Giveaway!!!

To add a nice touch to the lovely weather which we have been getting in London recently...Hardhouse Banton, one of the most consistent and talented producers in the House and Funky scene, has decided to give us some freeness!!!

After bringing you tracks such as Sirens, Reign and The Music...We have been made aware many a time of the levels of his production. Producing banger after banger, and providing us with a mixture of tracks, he produces the harder house that gets us doing them sour faced skanks. However, with that being said, he can also produce the soulful pieces and collaborate with the kind of singers that will send shivers up your spine!

I'm personally not the biggest fan of the original track but the vibe that Hardhouse Banton added to this track seems to be doing it for me. Download it here and tell me what you think!I think he was born a Champion...

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