Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Geeneus FREE giveaways!!!

Undoubtedly one of the leading producers in the UK House and Funky scene, Geeneus has paved the way for up and coming producers and provided them with a prime example of what consistency really is. Over the years he has managed to create countless scene classics with tracks such as Yellowtail and the Summer anthem Emotions which still manage to get an overwhelming reaction from the crowd these days.

To my joy, Geeneus decided to give away some completely free tracks today! Yes I did say FREE. Now I don't know what the reason behind these giveaways was, but I'm certainly not complaining. To download the first free track entitled 'Gypo Ting VIP' click here. To download the second free track entitled 'ALB 15 Demo' click here. With the ALB 15 Demo already synchronised on to my iTouch I can see that my journeys tomorrow will be that little bit more interesting. Do enjoy and feel free to join me...


  1. The links don't work :/

  2. They should do!I've just tried them a few times and they're working. Try again!!!