Wednesday, 27 April 2011


If you know me, you will know that I am 100% addicted to Giggs' track Monsta Man. As soon as I heard the Take Your Hats Off mixtape, that was the track that stood out from the rest and really jumped out at me. (Did you see what I did there?) I kept on reciting 'They're telling me she's onto me, she wants a little John from me!' That one line had me pressing for the reload. Now the original Monsta Man by Giggs has been my ringtone, my alarm, and more time my anthem. When I woke up in the mornings, on my day-to-day journeys, and even when I laid down in bed to go to sleep, I had that playing in my ears. So you might now be thinking that this is old news and you want something new...

If I was to mention the name Dru Blu, would that ring any bells for you? Also going by the name Don Strapzy, you may or may not be aware of him but if you aren't, you ought to be! Being the Winner of 'Best Newcomer to Mixtapes 2010' at the OMA Awards, he is one to watch. After Giggs gave away the Monsta instrumental I have seen many people jumping on it and doing their thing, but for me this has been the best thus far. He absolutely destroys this riddim! Check it out and tell me what you think because for me...'He's a Monsta!!!'

Directed by Chiba Flicks - Dru Blu (Don Strapzy) - Monsta Man Remix

Monday, 25 April 2011

Mr Adaggio - M.I.T.O Mixtape Review

When I was informed about this mixtape I questioned whether I'd actually enjoy it. The thought of someone playing a violin for an entire mixtape did not really entice me to listen but on second thoughts, I was reminded that I do actually really like instrumentals! In fact, some of my personal favourite tracks that have come out of the House and Funky scene are instrumentals. Without just thinking about House and Funky, I also enjoy listening to Dancehall, Bashment and Reggae instrumentals. So after acknowledging how much I actually do rate and enjoy instrumentals, this mixtape by Mr Adaggio was beginning to appeal to me a lot more than it initially did. As a consequence of this, I decided to give it a listen...

Upon listening to the mixtape I was left speechless. I wasn't expecting that at all. This mixtape is truly amazing!!! Regardless as to whether or not you like instrumentals, please give this one a chance because I'm so glad that I did. I personally did not think that I would ever enjoy listening to someone playing a Violin alongside instrumentals but it was done with such skill and talent that I really cannot fault it. In fact, rather than referring to the mixtape as an individual playing a violin, I'm now going to refer to Mr Adaggio's work as an individual expressing their talent and creativity through the use of a Violin to add a different feel to instrumentals and emphasise just how beautiful music can be, even with the absence of vocals.

The diversity of the tracks which are provided on this mixtape is also a very significant factor because it shows how Mr Adaggio can adapt to the different genres and work with different kinds of sounds, whilst still making them sound so good and unique to one another. 'Come With Me' 'Menace' and the cover of 'Go' are my personal favourites on the mixtape and before I have even completed this blog, these three particular tracks have had over 10 reloads from me! This however is in no way a suggestion that the mixtape lacks quality in any areas, but is just an expression of my personal opinion.

I can honestly say that after listening to this M.I.T.O mixtape, Mr Adaggio has earned himself a new follower! I also now understand why he is renowned for being the UK's Number One Violinist, the music speaks for itself. He will be releasing it at 9pm this evening on his Twitter which is @MrAdaggio1 so stay locked!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Hardhouse Banton Giveaway!!!

To add a nice touch to the lovely weather which we have been getting in London recently...Hardhouse Banton, one of the most consistent and talented producers in the House and Funky scene, has decided to give us some freeness!!!

After bringing you tracks such as Sirens, Reign and The Music...We have been made aware many a time of the levels of his production. Producing banger after banger, and providing us with a mixture of tracks, he produces the harder house that gets us doing them sour faced skanks. However, with that being said, he can also produce the soulful pieces and collaborate with the kind of singers that will send shivers up your spine!

I'm personally not the biggest fan of the original track but the vibe that Hardhouse Banton added to this track seems to be doing it for me. Download it here and tell me what you think!I think he was born a Champion...

Thursday, 21 April 2011

A Wonderful Day followed by a Roska Giveaway!!!

There has been many a time when we have seen Roska and Jamie George collaborate to bring us that feel good vibe kinda music. Now the summer anthem Wonderful Day is certainly no exception to this. Whenever I see a bit of Sunshine, it is almost like my cue to put this one and hold a little vibe in my headphones. Those of you who know what I'm talking about know exactly what I mean!

For me this track never gets old and I could still happily listen to it all day long! However, I'm sure we all know the original by now. The real question is, have you heard the DVA Soule Power remix?! Now I heard this remix over a year ago on a mix that I recieved and my initial reaction was 'Wow!' With the original already being a perfectly good track which couldn't have been made any better in my eyes, I was under the assumption of thinking that no remix or editing of the track could come close to the original. However, I was proven wrong and this remix really did and still does do it for me, as does the original. Now upon listening to the remix, I was definitely inclined to find out who had produced it and I wasn't surprised to be told that it was the one and only DVA. I don't quite know how he did it but I have to give him ratings for this one! Definitely one of my favourite producers, DVA is a producer who does not seem to get enough recognition but nonetheless always produces the goods.

If you know me personally, you will know that DVA ft Alahna - I'm Leaving is one of, if not, my very favourite track out of the entire House and Funky scene! The MA1 remix of the track was my ringtone for a good year and a half/two years, so there was no way that I wasn't going to be keeping an eye on the producer of the track. Anyway, keep an eye on the work of DVA because as I said before, he is one of my favourite producers and never seems to disappoint! To download the DVA Soule Power Remix of Wonderful Day simply click here. Enjoy!

A Singer To Keep An Eye On - Louise Williams

Louise Williams is a singer which I admittedly haven't been paying enough attention to lately. With that being said, I have of course being made very aware of her material and presence in the scene though. Having laid down her sweet and soulful vocals on tracks with Funkystepz and various other producers in the House and Funky scene, it would have been extremely difficult for me not to notice her presence!

Now having watched this video, it has become quite obvious to me that I do need to keep an eye on this songstress because there is clearly a lot more to come from her! To find out a bit more about what is next to come from Louise Williams, have a look at the following footage which was recorded when she appeared on the Funky Vault hosted by Makeda QoS.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday 27th March 2011 - Gen featuring on Makeda QoS' Funky Vault!

Nearing the end of March, I made my first appearance on radio featuring on Makeda QoS' weekly show entitled The Funky Vault. With it being the day before QoS' birthday, she thought she would do something a little different and present you all with an extra special show. In this show she decided that it's all about the people and asked 'What the people think about UK House and Funky?'

Of course everyone has an opinion when it comes to music, and Funky is certainly no exception to this. On this particular show, myself and fellow Break London broadcaster Kiri who hosts the Homegrown shown simply expressed our views on Funky, whilst being the voices of the people and giving you a rather balanced account on the topic. Now I refuse to reveal any more information regarding this particular show, so if you do want to hear what occurred, feel free to have a listen on the link provided below. Enjoy!

The Funky Vault 27 March 2011 by MakedaQoS

Peace, Love and Stay Funky xxx

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Geeneus FREE giveaways!!!

Undoubtedly one of the leading producers in the UK House and Funky scene, Geeneus has paved the way for up and coming producers and provided them with a prime example of what consistency really is. Over the years he has managed to create countless scene classics with tracks such as Yellowtail and the Summer anthem Emotions which still manage to get an overwhelming reaction from the crowd these days.

To my joy, Geeneus decided to give away some completely free tracks today! Yes I did say FREE. Now I don't know what the reason behind these giveaways was, but I'm certainly not complaining. To download the first free track entitled 'Gypo Ting VIP' click here. To download the second free track entitled 'ALB 15 Demo' click here. With the ALB 15 Demo already synchronised on to my iTouch I can see that my journeys tomorrow will be that little bit more interesting. Do enjoy and feel free to join me...

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sunday Night Live Review - Sunday 3rd April

I had been meaning to go down to this particular bar/club in Clapham for a while, but I couldn't quite justify my reason for going. Despite the fact that it was awarded Best New Bar at the London Club & Bar Awards, this still wasn't enough to entice me to attend.

Then through a trusted source, I heard about this new Sunday Night down at Aquum. After enquiring about the night I was informed that the event was called 'Sunday Night Live' and that admission was free before 9pm. Well as if I needed persuading any further...

With it being Mothers Day and me finding myself at work all day, I thought I'd treat my Mother to a Sunday night drink. Not being a particular fan of live music myself, I thought I may as well give this event a try. They do say 'Don't knock it until you've tried' after all.

So upon arrival at the venue it was only partially full, but I gave it a chance seeing as it was still quite early. The clock was stating that it had just passed 9pm. My very first impressions were that the bouncers were very polite and courteous whilst remaining strict and doing their job properly. The bar upheld and even managed to exceed my standards, and perhaps most importantly, so did the entire event by the end of the night. With the venue filling up not too long after this, all of the tables, the seating and even the dance floor was occupied by men and women ready to enjoy the performances that were about to unfold in front of their eyes.

The acts on the night were Roo Savill, Natalie Palmer, Elle James, Bobii Lewis, David Palmer, Joe Chiari, Holly Petrie and Nicol Zelinska. Each bringing their own character and unique vocal talent to the stage, they had the crowd interacting and fully entertained throughout the night. To be quite honest, I had no idea who these artists were at the start of the night, but I can assure you that by the end of the night I certainly wasn't going to forget who some of them were.

My personal favourite performance of the night came from a young aspiring artist going by the name of Bobii Lewis who ,to my recollection, sung Musiq Soulchild - So Beautiful as well as Drake - Fall For Your Type. When I saw his mixtape flyer on my table prior to his performance I simply moved it to the side. However, after his rather breathtaking performance I was moving all of the drinks on my table and searching for that very same flyer!

Quickly becoming the hotspot for finding out about fresh, new and upcoming talent, Sunday Night Live brings you the following every single Sunday.

A new line up featuring a number of UK artists waiting to be discovered by you, DJ's carefully selecting the best music from a range of different genres to uphold the party vibes, and some very entertaining hosts to maintain the flow of the evening. So as you can imagine, this is one not to be missed. To sum up the night up in just one sentence...

Sunday Night Live is the place where a chilled out atmosphere meets the perfect party, to complete and extend your weekend in true style!

Written by Gen

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cut the Crap and Stop Tell Lie!

So I managed to come across this video which is brought to you by the 'Cut the Chat' team. It is almost a continuation of their usual shows, but a more backstage version. Hence why it is entitled 'Cut the Crap.' If you are already aware of the Cut the Chat series you will know that they don't hold back and simply address the things which need to be addressed. Being an online entertainment content community, they deal with a range of different issues concerning our everyday lives and basically put forth their views and arguments on the given topics of discussion. This is all brought to you by hard working people speaking from their own personal life experiences and discussing the chosen topics, whilst sharing their wisdom and knowledge about life and its different aspects.

This particular video features appearances from Ace, Miss London, Makeda QoS and Hannah. I'm assuming that you all know who Ace is, but if you don't, he is part of the duo that we all know and love as 'Ace and Vis.' Broadcasting live on BBC 1xtra with their weekly radio show and hosting a number of events, he holds some very interesting views and is a valued panellist on Cut The Chat. In this video, he links up with the CBBC presenter Miss London who is often referred to as the 'Princess of UK Urban Stand Up comedy.' Moreover, she is probably one the most sought after comedians in the scene at the moment and is definitely representing for the ladies in a career which is arguably dominated by males. Now in this particular video, these two personalities are also joined by Cut the Chat's very own Hannah and Makeda who also bring their thoughts to the surface!

Upon watching this video, I was left giggling to myself. When you watch the video below, you will see that they are discussing a topic which people these days often lie about, or simply avoid. Either way, I thought it'd be nice to shed some light on this exclusive footage and see what you guys think! Don't be afraid to leave a comment stating your views, we want to know what YOU think, or perhaps 'do!' So sit back, relax, and enjoy this very entertaining yet informative clip presented to you by the Cut the Chat team.

P.S. I thought Ace NEVER took his hat off?

Ace v London from Cut The Chat on Vimeo.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Brand New Video - Monsta Man

They're telling me she's onto me,she wants a little John from me!

Would you believe that it's already been 7 weeks since Giggs gave us his 'Take Your Hats Off' mixtape with this one featured on it?! WOW!!!Time really does fly when you're having fun!

Monsta Man is undoubtedly my personal favourite track off of the Take Your Hats Off mixtape, and is consequently one of the tracks which I feel requires a video. It's not so much the fact that the track should have a video to get peoples attention, but simply because a banger like this needs a video! Already doing damage in a lot of clubs and on the airwaves, the additional feature to the track is a just like an extra treat for the listeners and supporters.

So after all of the tweeting and constant reminders that we will have to wait until the 1st April to see it, the brand new Giggs video for his track Monsta Man is now available! The video is directed by Oliver Whitehouse and produced by Edgie, and features an appearance from none other than JME. Here is Giggs with his brand new video Monsta Man!