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Saturday 12th March 2011 - A Night To Remember

When the clock struck 00:00 as we exited Friday 11th March and Saturday 12th March was about to begin, I was elated because that day had come around again...My Biiiiiiiirthday! I believe that I was raising a glass of Rose to bring in my Birthday at that precise moment. I was rather excited about this Birthday, more so than the others, because from 10pm onwards I was actually going to see my vision turn into reality.

You may now be wondering what the vision was. Well the vision was...
  1. Friends and Family that matter most to me in one venue celebrating my Birthday
  2. My favourite DJ's spinning all of my favourite tunes and more
  3. The presence of drinks (I didn't really mean Orange Juice but I'll let you think about that)
  4. A Club or a bar as the venue
  5. Partying/Raving or whatever you wish to call it until 4am at the earliest
Finding the right venue was S-T-R-E-S-S! There were so many complications that I started to wonder if I was actually going to find a suitable venue. Here's the kind of hurdles that I was faced with when trying to find the right venue...

A. "If you don't meet the minimum spend you will have to make up the rest of the money. " Are you crazy? Talk to me about that when money grows on trees.

B. 'We will have to check to see if the kind of music that you want is suitable for our other guests.' No you won't because I WILL listen to what I want on MY Birthday. Cool. (I promise that I don't demand this much usually, BUT where money is spent I should theoretically get EXACTLY what I want!)

C. 'The party can go on until the early hours of the morning, our closing time is 1am)'...Now I don't know what kind of party these people thought I wanted to have but 1am is when I get started! Do you really think that I want to leave a club and go home on my Birthday at 1am? Might I add that this was a Saturday night as well! NO. That is not me. I might as well stay at home and listen to radio if that's the case!

As you can see, all was not as easy as it seemed. On a final note about the venue, management and the conveying of information was brilliant. The manager was helpful and someone who I'd definitely work with in the future. It's just a shame that she wasn't the manager working on the given night. regardless of this, I want to send a 'Thank You' out to all of the staff at Raduno nightclub in Farringdon! You may be wondering why I didn't just save myself all of the time and bother of planning this and just make a Birthday booking at a rave. Well to put it simply, I wasn't prepared to go out and have my night ruined by some eedyat immature 24 year old male acting 12 and fighting with a next man for looking at his girlfriend. Don't even start me on the way that some women act in raves, you would think that they weren't taught any manners. Oh and let me not forget them guys who feel that they don't even have to ask for a dance anymore, but instead think that they can just come behind you and start rubbing themselves up on you...Nahhhh suh, "Nuttin nuh go so" in the words of Notch.

Moving on swiftly, here is how the events on the night unfolded...You will be pleased to know that there was none of the above!

From 10pm up until 1am, the music was supplied by one of the founders of 'Just Enjoy Yourself' otherwise known as Jey Flash. He is of course the photographer and DJ to London's leading clubs and events such as Penthouse, Alto and Vendome! Laying down some beautiful Soulful House for a good hour or so, and then dropping some RnB favourites like Peaches and Cream and Ghetto romance, he really did set the scene for what was to follow. As the night went on, he left the decks for his Camera and in his words...Once he picks up his Camera, 'The rest is history!'

Between the early hours of 1 and 2am in the morning, one of my personal favourite DJ/Producers exhibited a REAL top quality House and Funky set. The tempo increased, the sour faced skanks begun to emerge and the attendees begun to get what you would call 'Drunk in the Funk.' I have to say that even the Intro that this DJ played had me on a serious skank. With that being said, let me not even tell you what Attend 1 did to me! Sheeeeeeeeeez!!!

The Music was perfect, and regardless of what anyone says or does, this individuals production will forever reign in my eyes. Without having to mention the name of this individual, I will say one thing...If you're talking the Hard House - Jheeeez! You all know who I'm talking about now right?! No? OK one final hint...In the words of Coldsteps 'Are you ready for the Sirens Sirens?'

This takes me nicely onto the final set of the night. The place got invaded and all of a sudden every single attendee ended up on their feet! Throughout the night people were asking 'Gen when is the Bashment coming on?' So after cutting my cake, or was it before? I can't actually remember to be honest. (Before you start thinking it, I wasn't drunk!) Back to my point, after cutting my cake when I delivered my little speech, I simply told everyone that it was now that time that they had all been anticipating. Time to 'Back it up pon di Dumpa Truck,' and yes I did say this in my very best Vybz Kartel voice. You should be upset if you missed that because it really is a rare but beautiful moment. (Can someone vouch for this please?!) Now I don't really know about people throwing shapes on the dancefloor...BUT the way that I saw people brukkkking out...You would have thought I was having a Bashment Party!

All of a sudden I heard 'Me too rich fi argue with b***h, me too nice fi inna catfight' which is of course a Lady Saw anthem. Even tunes like Shabba Ranks - Dem Bow got a squeeze! When I requested to hear 'Old Skool Dancehall,' that is exactly what I meant and I knew that these guys would be the ones to deliver. As Gappy Ranks would say, dem 'Shell it down 'til it get dusty!' The way that these two were delivering their set made being a multi genre sound seem as simple as counting 1,2,3! Even I was feeling like I could go and press couple buttons. Obviously I didn't, because...

Anyways, when I requested 'Giggs - Monsta Man'...They didn't even do so much as to hesitate. A couple of tunes in and I started to hear 'Tell me what she wants from me.' Would you believe that I was already content with the 2 hour set by this point? I'm sure pretty sure that it was only about 15 minutes in as well!!! Don't assume that they played the version from the 'Take Your Hats Off' mixtape either because DJ's like this, have the REAL versions of tunes. Take notes init! OK so I got my Giggs, I got my Bashment, I got my Reggae and then I thought I was hearing things when I heard 'Hol' up ya foot and jump!' Yes, I got some Soca too! I didn't request this, nor expect it, but it was thoroughly enjoyed! My DJ's were simply taking the lead and we were following.

I believe that I have now given you more than a little insight into how I celebrated my Birthday this year. I did deliberately fail to mention my DJ's names throughout this entire blog post because I wanted you to work it out and see how good you were with solving the riddle! Overall, I had an AMAZING birthday, spent it with everyone that mattered, and went home in that 'It's my Birthday so I can be tipsy' kinda state! As if you needed further evidence for the extent to which I enjoyed my night, I could only manage to get about 4 hours of sleep when I got home because I was on such a vibe that I just wanted to go out and do it all over again!!!

Finally I would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to those who made my night what it was and came out to celebrate with me. I love you like cooked food, I love you like a fat kid loves cake, I love you like I love Chocolate. OK so I think you've got my drift!!! Hol' arrrrrrnnn a minute though...How is it that I only got one slice of my White Icing cake?! *Looks around for answers and hears nothing but the tapping on the keyboard* Remember that next year when I tell you lot that there isn't a Cake because I've "forgotten it at home." Awoh!

Last but certainly not least...I would like to send an even bigger thank you out to all of my entertainers on the night who were Jey Flash, Hardhouse Banton, and the one and only Invasion Crew (consisting of Toddler and MJ!) You definitely exceeded one's expectations with the bad boy sets which you laid down on the night, and who knows...I might have to do it all over again next year!!!But for now, I shall continue to celebrate my birthday up until the 1st April and I shall therefore leave you with this one...

Peace, Love and Pars xxx

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