Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Brand New Video - No One Wants To Be Alone

"...I know I know I'm independent!!!"

Don't mind me, I was just singing along to a little something in my head there. Sorry, what was that? Ohhhh you want to know what it is that I was singing? Well...

If you regularly check my blog or happened to have a little read a couple of weeks back, you will know that I blogged about a mixtape entitled 'Him & Her.' This mixtape was brought to you by a very talented artist from the My-ish camp who goes by the name of Incisive. Initially we were just given a mixtape, but he has now brought us the first video release from this mixtape. This video is for the very first track featured on the 'Him and Her' mixtape which is of course entitled 'No One Wants To Be Alone,' and features Meleka.

Personally, I love the fact that you can actually make out the characters in this animation and on top of this, they look pretty good if I must say so myself! Taking the form of an animation, this video is definitely not your average. Could this video be paving the way for future videos to come from this artist and his camp? Why not stay tuned and find out! In the meantime, check this one out.

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