Thursday, 3 February 2011

Do as you please under your own roof, but not Underground.

Whilst commuting, many of us like to occupy ourselves with something to help the time to pass that little bit quicker, or at least something to make it feel that way. Now I am aware that we all occupy ourselves during this time in a range of different ways from reading a book, to listening to music and the list goes on BUT today on the tube, I witnessed the most peculiar of all strategies for passing time as you commute...

Yes so I'm hoping you've guessed it by now...LIPSING! This couple were on a proper lipppppppppppsing ting!!! From Elephant & Castle all the way up until Balham, give or take a few stops, they were were literally eating each other's faces. Taking a breather between a couple of stops which was probably just to catch some air due to a lack of Oxygen intake. (At least something stopped them.) Imagine people were trying to alight the Tube and these two are just standing there on that yellow pole near the doors lippppppppppppppsing like there's no tomorrow!...Or tonight even!

Don't think that it was just this exchange of saliva business going on here either. The way that I saw my girl rubbing herself up and down on the man. My gosh. I could only conclude that they were aiming to skip foreplay tonight and the only justifiable way of doing that was to get that part over and done with on the train!

Now I don't know about you, but I personally couldn't be doing them things on the Tube. Not saying that a little sign of affection in public is not acceptable, but there was nothing little about THIS display. Half way through the journey I actually wanted to tap them on the shoulder and remind them that they were still in public. I even saw a couple of other commuters who were also forced to witness this encounter twitching uncomfortably and looking at their shoelaces as though the latest episode of Eastenders was being broadcasted live on them. Poor people! So I guess the reason that I thought that it was relevant to talk about this on here was that I thought it carried a very valuable message which we can all relate to and apply to our daily lives which is...

Don't be selfish, and try to think about how your actions might affect others around you!


  1. I Love This! And Can Totally Relate I Mean I'm Not Going To lie I Have Lipsed In Public Buh Not For Ages/ Hours On End I Mean I Will Give My Partner A Kiss In Public And If We DO Lips In Public It's Only To Say Goodbye. I Understand How Uncomfortable It Can Be To See. I Think Im On Your Side For This One Gen! xx

  2. @Chaniecee Thank you,thank you!!! I don't mind public signs of affection, goodbye kiss etc but they just took it WAY too far. They seriously could have just saved everyone from having to witness that disgusting sight. I was not amused at all! I'm glad someone agrees with me xx