Monday, 7 February 2011

100% Gappy Ranks!!!

With the launch of his own music label which is better known as Hot Coffee Music in 2010, Gappy Ranks has been taking the world by storm with tracks such as Stinking Rich, Heaven in Her Eyes and Put Di Stereo On. Not just holding the title of an artist, he is a DJ, a CEO and collectively, an entrepreneur! With his talent not only being recognised and heavily sought after here in the UK, but all over the World, Gappy Ranks is almost revitalising the Reggae sound which we all know and love, and bringing it to the attention of the younger generation today. Having previously performed at prestigious events such as Sting, Kingston, Jamaica in 2009, and being nominated for Best Reggae Act at the Brit Awards in the same year, there really does seem to be no boundaries for this musician.

If I had to choose I would probably say that 'On Fire' ‘Cannon’ 'Dusty Me Seh' and 'Ragga Ragga' are my personal favourites featured on the CD, but I shall leave you to decipher between the number of tracks available and decide on your very own personal favourites. Ragga Ragga is one of the tunes that left an impression on me slightly more than the others, simply because on this particular track he was hailing out all of the artists who inspire him in the Music scene, mentioning many artists and popular clashes which had me nodding in agreement. From Sugar Minott to Bass Odyssey to the Gully and Gaza situation, he mentioned them. Of course he did miss out a few out on the way but this was well and truly inevitable. There are a wide variety of tracks on the compilation ranging from those with a more stereotypical reggae beat which we might associate with legendary music labels such as Studio One, there are tributes to people like Tubby T to name a few, and as well as this, we have the man himself Gappy Ranks displaying his original and creative style on more recent riddims such as the Badda Don riddim. Therefore you could only agree with me in saying that there is more than enough to choose from. With that being said, you don’t need to stick to my personal favourites listed above. Do give it a listen for yourself and feel free to tell me what your personal favourites were, seeing as we are all entitled to our own opinions and will more often than not come to different conclusions.

Keep an eye on this artist and do not forget to purchase his forthcoming album ‘Thanks and Praise’ which will be out in stores on the 4th April 2011. In the mean time, you can download this mix which is ‘100% Gappy Ranks’ mixed by Moviestar Johnny (Dusty Mix CD) by clicking here.

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