Thursday, 18 November 2010

Roskaaa Roskaaa Roskaaa

Roskaaa Roskaaa Roskaaa! If you know the jingle that I'm talking about, you will know that it's one of those jingles which sticks in the mind, one of those jingles that you subconsciously find yourself uttering. Anyway...

After recently being nominated as the 'Best Producer' in the DJ Mag 2010, Roska reminded us of the very production which resulted in his nomination in the first place. On his usual show on Rinse Fm which takes place on a Tuesday evening, he did something unusual and graced the airwaves with two hours of purely Roska production. Not being one of those producers that are just a one hit wonder within the scene, Roska displayed his consistency, variety and his fantastic ability to produce hit after hit.

When I initially heard him announce that he was going to do a show consisting of purely Roska production, I was quite inquisitive but nonetheless, I knew that we were in for a real treat. He kicked off the show with his remix of a beautiful vocal track entitled 'Promise' by Darkus Beat Company which was released in 2008/9. This eased the show in nicely creating a relaxed and soulful vibe, whilst combining this with that deeper and darker twist which Roska is often renowned for bringing to tracks. Some of my personal favourites which are featured on the show are 'Climate Change,' 'Wonderful Day' and Roska's remix of Hardhouse Banton's 'Reign'! However, don't assume that the show was purely Funky. In case some of you simply thought that Roska was a House and Funky producer, listening to this show will allow you to hear not only the the variety of genres which this producer has delved into throughout his career, but also his experience in genres across the board.

Rather than me continuing to outline some of my favourite Roska tracks which were featured on the show, which is extremely tempting but would take me far too long, why not just listen to it for yourself? You can listen to it here. Whilst, you can alternatively download it by clicking here and scrolling down to the date 'Tuesday - 16th November' where you will then need to right-click on 'Roska' and select 'Save target as.'

It would only be right for me to end this by saying 'Roskaaa Roskaaa Roskaaa!'

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