Friday, 5 November 2010

Hello Good Morning!

At midday today as most of us were coming up to our Lunch breaks or were perhaps actually enduring them,the Hello Good Morning UK Grime Remix video became available to the public. This track has not only been a major breakthrough for the UK Grime Scene,but also the UK Music scene as a collective.This video is just one product of what occurred when the 'Microphone Champion' Skepta collaborated with Diddy who is arguably one of the most influential men in the World.

Before I get to the actual video in question, I think that it is of relevance to look back at this Skepta freestyle from the year 2006 which was performed live on the SK Vibemaker's radio show.

Now if you watched and listened to that freestlye closely enough,at 3.18 minutes on in the clip you would have heard Skepta state that he wants to 'make P's like Diddy.' People may have laughed at the lyric and perhaps disregarded it, but here we are 4 years later watching the product of what happened when Skepta and Diddy eventually linked up. He is now effectively making P's WITH Diddy!!!

Without procrastinating this any further, this is what actually happened when the King of Grime,Skepta worked alongside the King of Bad Boy Records,Diddy!SERIOUS...

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