Thursday, 2 September 2010

Invading my Street

To be 100% honest to you, I know that I couldn't have survived my 7 weeks in Barbados without Invasion Crew!

They may not have physically been in Barbados with me over the summer, but their mixes certainly were. I’m not just referring to one mix, but instead my whole Invasion Crew collection! For me, this entails Invading the Streets Part 5, Part 6 and Love and Affection. Each of these mixes are similar in the way that they all explore into the Hip Hop 'n' R&B sector, lay down the hardest Reggae and Bashment circulating on the scene, and supply us with the freshest House and Funky flavours! Yet they still manage to have their own unique vibe to them without sounding the same. One of the main functions of the 'Invading the Streets' series is to communicate the songs that are tearing up the Music scene, at that specific time of release, to music lovers as well as the general public. Their ability to do this so accurately differentiates Invasion Crew's mix CD compilations from all of the rest and is one of many reasons as to why I felt the need to share their Musical wisdom with you.

Invading the Streets Part 6 concluded with Tempa T - Next Hype which implied that the next mix being Part 7 was going to be just that, and after listening to Part 7 time and time again, I can confidently say that it wasn't just an implication!...

Invading the Streets part 7 is disgusting (in a good way), dangerous and deadly. The mixes are original, highly addictive, and not usually the obvious ones which would you hear every DJ master. To describe the mix using a different concept, it’s a mix that is concocted to absolute perfection and the almost traditional combination of the 3 genres could be likened to that of Rice and Peas and Chicken on a Sunday! Pure niceness. It may not leave you licking your fingers, but I'm positive that it will provide some sort of satisfaction and leave you wanting more!

Before providing you with this product, I must make you aware of possible side effects....
1 - Leave your Mum dancing and singing Vybz Kartel tunes (Trust me on this one, I’m talking from experience)
2 - Leave you neglecting any other CD's which you may have been listening to until you added this one to the collection (Sorry to any other DJ’s, you can’t get a look in at this precise moment)
3 - Influence you to nod your head, tap your foot or even 'Turn and Wine' in the middle of the street
4 - Intoxicate your mind with lyrics, mixes and Invasion dubplates!

Speaking of dubplates, Invasion Crew can definitely boast about having a catalogue full of these. Their dubplates originate from a range of artists specialising in all different kinds of genres. I'm referring to dubplates from the likes of Gappy Ranks, Calista, Sharky P, Chuckie Star, Bounty Killer and Donaeo.I could go on...

I vow not to spoil the surprise any further; however I can't resist giving you a little insight. There are a number of mixes featured on the CD which are mind blowing and make me wonder how they actually thought of that mix, but I’m only going to mention one for you to listen out for and leave the rest up to you, the listener. The way in which DJ Toddler mixes in “Doom Man – Don’t talk to me” is immaculate. The two beats are synchronised together so perfectly that I could have easily believed that it was an exclusive remix of the track if I was none the wiser. ”D-D-D-D-Don't talk to me” is all I can say if you listen to the mix and don't think that the mix into this tune is an emotional one. Speaking of exclusives, you will find exclusives from the likes of producers such as Fuzzy Logik on this latest compilation, which is definitely a plus for those of you that like to be ahead of the times and yet again, another good reason for you to want to get your hands on Invading the Streets Part 7!

To sum up this mix in just a few sentences I would say that the constant variations in tempo and rhythm make the CD the phenomenon that it is, and as a listener it’s not difficult to realise that conducting a mix of such quality takes more than a simple 2 hour session in the studio. Listening to mixes like Invading the Streets Part 7 also makes me ponder on the question as to why people still feel the need to pay for Mix CD's when you have CD’s like this available for FREE, but I guess not everyone is feeling the bite of the economic crisis that many of us find ourselves in today.

Without further ado, here is the link to Invading the Streets Part 7...

You can also obtain the other mixes from the ‘Invading the Streets’ series via their website which is...

You can catch Invasion Crew LIVE on Platinum Fm which is 87.5 on your radio dial each Tuesday evening from 8pm until 10pm! Playing the best in Old Skool Bashment and brand new Bashment from the likes of Vybz Kartel, Movado, Aidona and many more...You really don't want to miss it!

Now you can also WATCH Invasion LIVE in the Platinum 87.5 studio on their Ustream channel which is...

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