Friday, 27 August 2010

Who thought you could whine like that?

So where do I start?I guess you could say that it's been a VERY long time since I last blogged.I feel like I've been slightly neglectful to this blog in fact,but there really is a decent reason behind it.

Well...This Summer I went on Vacation to the beautiful island of Barbados!During this period of time a few of the Bajan artists became very apparent to me for a number of reasons.Although there were quite a few,one of these artists stood out to me a bit more than the others and he goes by the name of Lil Rick or Hypa Dawg!

Firstly coming to my attention because of friends and associates,I begun to listen out for his songs to see just what all the hype was about.Everyone was telling me about one of his songs in particular and informing me that it was bound to be one of the favourites over the Crop Over season.Now after hearing it just once,I begun to realise why all the hype had accumulated around it.However if I'm completely honest,it was only a couple of times after that that I really understood its true essence and just why so much hype had accumulated around it.I tell you what,why don't you have a listen and tell me what you think?

His catchy lyrics and his huge following across the Caribbean later became evident to me as well as the history behind him.He has won a number of competitions over the years and currently boasts an entire catalogue of Music to say the least.This artist has quickly become a personal favourite of mine and I have vowed to keep an eye on him and his work from now onwards.Coming across his talents has made me realise that I was missing out on good talent for too long and it has also reminded me of just how much I love Soca.His music tends to have a feel good factor to it and has an astounding ability to capture a crowd.Saying that,not only does his music capture a crowd,but it's almost like it injects energy into them.

I'm going to sign out with some more music from this artist so up until next time,it's a big hail from me to you to say 'Thanks' for taking the time to read this blog entry!

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