Friday, 27 August 2010

Who thought you could whine like that?

So where do I start?I guess you could say that it's been a VERY long time since I last blogged.I feel like I've been slightly neglectful to this blog in fact,but there really is a decent reason behind it.

Well...This Summer I went on Vacation to the beautiful island of Barbados!During this period of time a few of the Bajan artists became very apparent to me for a number of reasons.Although there were quite a few,one of these artists stood out to me a bit more than the others and he goes by the name of Lil Rick or Hypa Dawg!

Firstly coming to my attention because of friends and associates,I begun to listen out for his songs to see just what all the hype was about.Everyone was telling me about one of his songs in particular and informing me that it was bound to be one of the favourites over the Crop Over season.Now after hearing it just once,I begun to realise why all the hype had accumulated around it.However if I'm completely honest,it was only a couple of times after that that I really understood its true essence and just why so much hype had accumulated around it.I tell you what,why don't you have a listen and tell me what you think?

His catchy lyrics and his huge following across the Caribbean later became evident to me as well as the history behind him.He has won a number of competitions over the years and currently boasts an entire catalogue of Music to say the least.This artist has quickly become a personal favourite of mine and I have vowed to keep an eye on him and his work from now onwards.Coming across his talents has made me realise that I was missing out on good talent for too long and it has also reminded me of just how much I love Soca.His music tends to have a feel good factor to it and has an astounding ability to capture a crowd.Saying that,not only does his music capture a crowd,but it's almost like it injects energy into them.

I'm going to sign out with some more music from this artist so up until next time,it's a big hail from me to you to say 'Thanks' for taking the time to read this blog entry!

Barbados Crop Over 2010

Having not visited Barbados for 10 years,12 years to be precise, I set out to get a real feel of what Crop Over in Barbados is really like these days. With the Crop Over experience starting in the first few weeks of July and lasting for a duration of approximately 2 months, there were a number of events taking place in both the nights and days leading upto the long awaited Kadooment Day. Up until Kadooment Day,it really is like a non-stop party!

We begun our Kadooment Day at Eagle Hall where we stood for a while to admire the outfits and the tremendous amount of effort which people had put into their outfits.Not to mention the dancing or shall I say wukking up. In case you weren't aware of what wukking up is I'll provide you with a definition...

Wukking up : Movement of the pelvic area when dancing

So now you've understood what wukking up is we can go back to all the action. With it being Hurricane Season out in Barbados,it was going through a period of time where it rained almost every day whether it be night or day. So with the possibility of rain being quite high you may have thought that there wouldn't have been such a good turnout on Kadooment day.However I can assure you that the rain wasn't stopping the Bajan's enjoying their yearly Kadooment day which only lasts for one day.If you didn't want to solely take my word for it and you needed further evidence,I shall let the Music do a bit of the talking...

The line that I wanted to catch your attention was the following...'Ohhhh we having a ball,the Sun could shine,the rain could fall,but that don't stop the way we just drop it drop it...' Enough said.

Like at any other Carnival, the attire was kept to a minimum and there was certainly no shortage of colours nor beads. The vibrant colours which everyone wore glistened in the beautiful hot Sun and when accompanied by the sweet sounding Soca Music, the atmosphere was one of enjoyment and celebration. There were performances from Alison Hinds and other major Soca artists on the day, there were countless food and drink stalls where one could acquire some Jerk Chicken or Rum, and most importantly there were streets full of people who came out to simply have a good time and embrace the Bajan culture.

I'd prefer to let the Music do the majority of the talking because without the music,there is no Kadooment Day. Moreover Music is the basis of the entire celebration. With that being said, I had an amazing experience at Barbados Crop Over 2010 and I hope to return for 2011's installment.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

My top 3 events in Barbados during Summer 2010

There were a vast number of events which occurred in the time leading up to Kadooment Day 2010 which eventually took place on August 2nd. Every weekend there would be something on. People would work hard during the week and carry out their normal day-to-day routines, but once it was Friday night when work was over until Monday morning, you knew what time it was! Below I will give my overall thoughts of a few of the events which I attended whilst attempting to keep it short and sweet.

Party Monarch/Soca Royale at Bushy Park - This was the first Crop Over event which I attended, where I witnessed several well known acts perform a few of their songs in a bid to win over the crowd and the judges. The winners were set to take away brand new cars as well as a lumpsome of money at the end of the night. When it begun, the Sun was at it's hottest and shining brightly. However by the end of the event, the only sources of light were the stage lights, stadium lights and the natural source of Moonlight. Now it doesn't take a genius to work out how long the contest went on for! TC was crowned winner of one event, whilst Blood was crowned winner of the other. It was the 1st time that this venue hosted the contest and certainly shouldn't be the last as it made the most of the space available and the nature around it; whilst still delivering an excellent day/night out.

Friday Nights at Oistins - This is literally a free party which takes place alongside one of the most popular,golden sand beaches on the Island. I'm unsure of what time the night actually begins as I'm not usually an early person when I'm venturing out for the night.There are food outlets in their masses ensuring that you don't get hungry,a number of DJ's on rotation playing the biggest and most requested music of the times,and arts and crafts stores where tourists and locals can purchase items such as souvenirs. If you don't wish to spend a lot of money, but do want to go out somewhere where you can hear upto date music and have a good time with tourists as well as the locals...I'd definitely recommend this night.

Cohobblopot @ The Kensington Oval - My favourite Crop Over event by far (apart from Kadooment Day,) which saw Krosfyah celebrate 20 years in the Business. For the 1st time ever, all of the performers were Bajan so it was a celebration of real homegrown Bajan talent. This took place the night before Kadooment Day so I did end up having a lack of sleep before the long awaited day, but it was worth it every minute. Unlike at the other events, the performers performed more than just 2 songs and went back to some of their classics. I never expected for one minute, to witness TC performing 'Who de hell is Kim' which so happens to be one of my favourite all time Soca tunes, but it seemed as though the event organisers had other plans. The crowd got a real treat and the beauty of the venue went hand-in-hand with the quality of the event. I'd recommend this event to anyone that happens to be in Barbados at the time! It was worth every penny and according to Peter Ram, there wasn't only action on the stage, but also backstage! 'Hit it,hit it,hit it...' is all I will say on the matter!